Thursday, October 4, 2007

More Drama & I'm Hungry!

This morning is pretty much a repeat of yesterday when it was time to drop off Gianna at school. **SIGH** She's such a tough little cookie. I feel bad. I wonder if she thinks we're doing this to her to punish her but we're NOT! She's gotta get used to structure & to behave. It's not like they beat her or anything they just don't give in to her tantrums. I kept telling her that she'll get to play play-do & paint & read stories & have lots of fun there which is all fine & dandy. It's the part about when I start to leave. That's when she throws a fit.

I called the school after I was done with my food shopping. Danielle said that she was crying on the floor for awhile & then she got real quiet (Danielle thought she might have fallen asleep but she wasn't). Then she started playing in Home Living & was still there even though she wasn't supposed to be. I think they let her just so she would feel more relaxed. But she was fine so I shouldn't worry-yeah right! She's my BABY!

Now on to my next problem. I'm hungry!! I just finished making a big pot of sauce--NOT gravy & I also made a big pot of Lentils.....mmmmmm........LOVE those! Now that's comfort food right there! HOWEVER nothing's ready yet so I had to settle for a cup of oatmeal & a yogurt neither of which satisfied me. **SIGH** I'm also making some Pillsbury Halloween sugar cookies for Marissa's playdate later. BUT they don't DO anything for me so I'm gonna pass. I should be baking some chocolate chip cookies from scratch for the block party this weekend but I am a little tired & let's face it a little lazy!

I'm also trying to come up with something to bring to our annual block party this Sun. I usually bring a tomato salad filled with tomatoes & garlic & onions-YUMMY! I also bring hot spicy chicken strips (easier to eat than wings) but I'm not sure if I should bring the SAME thing every year! Any suggestions? I hope SOMEONE is reading this!! LOL!

A little scrappiness here....I got my new issue of CK magazine yesterday & I can't wait to sit & read it! Maybe I'll find some time while the girls play.....I also have to mention...I love reading other people's blogs. I have my favorites one of which happens to be Laura Vegas'. She's so funny & i just LOVE her layouts!! She's just a frickin' creative GENIUS! So I posted a comment the other day on one of her entries & she wrote me to thank me! It made my day! I then wrote her back & probably sounded like a stalker telling her how I worship her talent & idolize her ability to juggle a family, house, daycare AND scrap!! She just ROCKS!

Now I'm going to have a small bowl of lentils because I can not serve this to my girls without trying it to make sure it's OK!!! LOL!!

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