Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Twas the Night before....Halloween!!

Believe it or not this is our 1st year carving pumpkins. We've waited so long because we thought the girls were too young to enjoy it--what were WE thinking?? WE did ALL the WORK!! They just supervised! Marissa was the foreman--making sure Daddy didn't slack off on the job....
BEWARE of Mommy!!!!
Our 1st attempt at something like this...came out pretty good if we do say so ourselves!!
Pumpkin grin!
Can you find the hidden Mickey????
We cheated on the 2nd one...we were tired not realizing how much work went into these masterpieces!! Gianna wasn't as into it as Marissa was. She came in to see the end result though & got a charge out of seeing them in the dark! Next year we're getting SMALLER pumpkins!! The 1st one took FOREVER to scrap the inside of because it was SO BIG! When we were done we left them inside because it's "Mischief Night" or "Goosey Night" what ever you want to call it. This year was the 1st time our house got hit too. Luckily it was just toliet paper in the front trees. We'll see if there's anything worse in the morning....
Baked cupcakes for Marissa's class party & they came out cute. I made them look like cobwebs & put a plastic spider ring in the center. Of course I didn't think to take a pic until now but I'll make sure to take some tomorrow. For Gianna's class party there wasn't much left to sign up for so we're just bringing in pretzels for her party. Should be fun! Can't wait to see the girls all dressed up! They're going to have a BLAST trick or treating tomorrow night! Can't belive how fast October flew by & that November's here! Time flies when you're having FUN!

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