Friday, October 5, 2007


I am so ready for the weekend!! I've done a lot of running around this week & I'm beat! I'm not complaining I'm just sayin'!

Tonight my friend Carolee who started selling "Silpada" jewelry is having a party at my sister Marie's house. I was looking over the jewelry online at (that's a plug---check it OUT!) & found some pretty darn CUTE earrings!! I'm not into silver jewelry but a girl can never have enough earrings...or shoes!

Tomorrow I *think* we're going pumpkin picking. We'll see if Joe has to work or not first. I love getting pics of the girls picking their pumpkins! I still have YET to scrap any of them BUT that's a different story!

Sunday we have a annual block party with all our neighbors. That should be FUN! Although I STILL haven't thought of what to bring food wise! It's gotta be something that doesn't need refridgeration.....hhhhmmmmmm....better take a look at those recipe books I was working on a few weeks ago!!

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elizabeth said...

I love your blog title-so true!!