Saturday, October 6, 2007

My Pumpkins

Here are some of todays pictures from the pumpkin patch...

Marissa & Gianna...How Tall This Fall? We get pictures here every year.

Marissa's little pumpkins...

Gianna watching the talking scarecrow
Gianna & Daddy waiting for Marissa to pick her pumpkin

This caught Marissa's eye....

We had an OK time at the patch. Marissa got in such a MOOD when we got there. She insisted on picking her pumpkin by herself which we WERE letting her do but she apparently didn't think so. All we did was veto a few that she chose only because it didn't look like it would keep until Halloween. She put a bit of a damper on the day for me & Joe but Gianna had a BLAST! She's pretty happy go lucky overall. She seems to be getting closer to Joe lately. Maybe that's why Marissa was in a mood.

Last night before I left to go to the jewelry party Marissa said to me I wish you could take Gianna with you so it could be just me & Daddy. Do ya THINK she's jealous??? She's always been close to Joe & doesn't like to share him (she must get that from me)! Joe took the girls to the chinese buffet in town for dinner--their favorite. Then they got in their pj's & watched a movie with Daddy in our bed-PARTY! You KNOW they had a good time!

I had fun last night too. I ended up buying 3 sets of earrings. It was fun talking to people without hearing "MOMMY" or "I'm wet" or "she hit me" or "I'm hungry"...see where I'm going with this? Anyway a lot of the people there were from where I used to work so it was good to see them & catching up. My friend Carolee is a blast to hang out with & the jewelry was pretty too!

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