Monday, October 8, 2007


So what's with kids & their fear of being potty trained?? I. AM. SICK.TO.DEATH. of cleaning of crap-literally! Tonight right before bathtime Gianna had an accident. The killer? She was RIGHT IN the bathroom when it happened! Why can't she just sit on the potty & be done with it?? For punishment I took her blanket way from her. For those of you not in the know it's her security blankie that I took away. I told her it's only for one night but she has to poop on the potty! I've already mentioned to her that tomorrow she has school. She said she doesn't want to go. I told her she has to go & no crying or accidents when she's there. AARRRRGGHHH!!!!!

On another note...I have scrapper's block. I have no desire to scrap & the last LO I finished was eh. I only finished it to get it off my desk. I need a break of some sort.

Since I didn't mention it yet, the block party was ok. It wasn't as fun as last year. Someone had the bright idea to bring out a tv because the yankees were playing. That means a bunch of people sat in front of the tv & watched the game---they can do that at home!! At a block party you should have fun, mingle & talk! I had to miss Desparete Housewives-why can't they miss a frickin' ball game!?!?

Did I also mention that my coffee maker is broken?? I have been without coffee since Fri!! Joe tried his best to replace it but that didn't happen. AAARRRGGHHH!!! So that's it. I'm done ranting & raving like the lunatic I am...for now!

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