Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Hear Ye! Hear Ye!

The Royal Princesses.... Princess Jasmine
Took these tonight of the girls trying on their Halloween costumes. Marissa got her's today. Her BFF Ariel's grandmother was at Disney World & picked this up for me (better than UPS-ANYDAY!) They're going to have matching costumes--how cute! Marissa has been wanting to be Jasmine since last year. I noticed that if you turn Marissa sideways you could use her for a toothpick! She's got abs of STEEL! I am SO jealous right now! Princess Aurora

Gianna has been Cinderella every year since her 1st Halloween. Even this year she has been saying that's who she wanted to be but then tonight she says she wants to be Princess Aurora aka Sleeping Beauty. She looks too frickin' CUTE! This was actually Marissa's costume when she was 3 but Gianna doesn't need to know that!

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