Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Another 1st (day)

Today was Gianna's 1st day at her new new school! She's now at the same pre-school Marissa went to & we are all happy campers! I took her to school & talked about it on the ride over & she was happy about it all. We walked in & I showed her the bathroom so she has no problems (my fingers are crossed). It was snack time so she sat with the kids & I said goodbye & left. Very calm, very happy. WOO-HOO!!

Around lunchtime I called the school to check on how she was doing & the teacher said she's been fine. At lunchtime there was a little issue because the teacher gave her applesauce & that got Gianna upset but even though the teacher scraped it off she was mad & wouldn't eat. That's her to a T! I told the teacher how that's typical of her & she said that she's not worried because there's always snacktime after nap. I'm sure this will grow old & she'll start trying new foods...even though it's out of desperation!

I've got to include these pics of Marissa. I got her this Halloween shirt at Target the other day & the socks for me for the class party BUT she confiscated the socks (which were really fun because they had bells that jingled when you walked)! So an idea popped into my head---since the socks look WAY cuter on her we could pair it with a denim skirt & her favorite hat & VOILA! A FANTASTICALLY cool outfit! She was super excited to wear it & I convinced her to wait until Oct 1st so she could ring in the month...sorry no pun intended!!

This outfit has been sitting in Marissa's closet since April! She got it from Marlene for Easter but despite it being an ADORABLE outfit she's been strict about not liking skirts! She only likes wearing dresses! I think it's just to frusterate me! ANY-WHOO--I got her to wear this on Saturday when we went to sign her up for gymnastics & then to church. Doesn't she look like a young lady in this & not the 6 yr old she is?? Joe will be BEATING the boys off with baseball bats since sticks won't be enough!!!

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