Monday, October 22, 2007

An Apple a Day...

Yesterday we drove up to a farm about 45 mins. away to an apple farm. Marissa has been wanting to go apple picking since LAST year so we made sure to find a place to go this year. It was SO MUCH FUN! I've never been apple picking before but this is definately something I want to make a yearly tradition. We each got our own bag & went in search of our favorites. Marissa discovered golden delicious this year at school & wanted that kind. Gianna well she's still into red delicious so we kept it simple.

I didn't realize how easy it would be to pick the apples off the tree-I guess I thought the trees would be taller & we'd need to hold the kids up to pick 'em. This turned out GREAT! Gianna would pick the apple & if it didn't meet her approval she'd toss it to the ground! We had to keep our eye on her but what she picked she carried. She wouldn't part with her bag for nothing! When we switched to the golden apples she didn't want anything to do with them & kept picking the red! Marissa was so into it all! She talked about baking pies & making applesauce! Luckily I found an applesauce recipe there that sounds super easy!
She posed for the pic like this without ANY prompting from me! She's so trained!

Too yummy to pass up!
Stuffing our faces!!
When we had our fill of apples we went nearby to a corn maze. That was another first for me! We had a lot of fun getting "lost" The maze was HUGE!! We didn't even cover the entire thing because the sun was setting & we were TIRED from all the walking! It was a lot of fun though! Afterwards we went to dinner at Fuddrucker's. It turned out to be a FUN day!

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