Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Nice to know...

If you like hot & spicy hot wings you've got to order the sauce from Anchor Bar in Buffalo NY. I found this place on the Food Network supposedly this is where "Buffalo Wings" originated. Now my darling hubby LOVES hot food so a few years ago as a surprise for his birthday I placed an overnight order for "SUICIDE" wings they came on time the next day & Joe was SUPER excited about them. All I had to do was heat them up in the oven. Let me tell you they SMELLED HOT so you can just imagine how spicy they are. I like spicy too so not to be outdone I gave it a try to & I have to say they are THE HOTTEST wings you will EVER have (to my knowledge)!!

Now keep in mind you don't have to order the wings alone. If you want to make them anytime you can order the sauce alone. This is what I've been doing for a while now & I use chicken strips instead of wings. A few weeks ago I noticed I was running low on the sauce so I placed my order the other day & got it today. In addition to the Suicide sauce I also order the Honey BBQ which is sweet with just enough heat. I received my order & went to put it away when I noticed they sent me Honey Mustard instead of Honey BBQ along with my Suicide sauce. I called them up told them what happened & the girl I spoke with was SUPER nice & said she would ship me out the right sauce today AND I could keep the other sauce. NO PROBLEM!! I was expecting her to tell me to ship the wrong one back but NOPE I can keep it! I get a bonus sauce which is kinda cool because I've never tried it. It's nice to know that there are STILL nice people in the world doing the right thing! Now I've got to hit the sauce!! hehe!!!

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