Saturday, October 20, 2007

Literally...lesson learned

Friday nights are big around here for the girls. We let them stay up late & they get in our bed & "cuddle" with Daddy. That means they watch TV while he falls asleep!! Last night was no different.

I told Marissa that she couldn't fall asleep in our bed because she's getting too big for me to carry back to her room (I have a bad back). So time got away from me (I was on a roll with a new layout that was coming along nicely) & before I knew it, it was 11:30. I closed up & went upstairs. They all looked so snug & cozy so I went to get ready for bed & turned down their beds to make it easier to tuck them in. By the time I was all done & back in our room it was about 12:00. I look over & see Marissa WIDE AWAKE!! I asked her why she wasn't sleeping & she said "Because you said not to fall alseep in your bed anymore"!!!! She FLOORED me with that!! I told her that meant that when she was tired to go in her room & go to sleep NOT to stay in our room waiting for me!! She tricked me with that!! Never again little girl...never again!!

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