Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Worry Wart

I've noticed that since I started this blog I'm more aware of other people's blogs. I've always seen them listed on 2Peas but never peeked in on other people's lives (except for a certain few)--until now. If I thought I was on the computer a lot before I've gotten even worse now! My list of blogs that I "lurk" on just keeps getting longer & longer!

Tonight was Gianna's school orientation. I've got to say that I'm skeptical about the school. After I had signed her up I started hearing more & more about the school & I've got to say I'm not thrilled. Of course I find things out AFTER she's signed up!! Tonight the people talked more about fund raisers than about the school & everything seemed so jumbled & un organized. The teacher herself sounds really nice but it's the other stuff that I'm not sold on. Like Joe said I have to relax & see how it goes for a couple of months & if worse comes to worse then we'll find another school for her. AAARRGHHHH!!! I'm still mostly worried about her not being well trained on the potty but she'll get the hang of it when she sees other kids doing it. I guess it's all my motherly instincts driving me up the wall! I'm probably worrying over nothing & she'll be fine. I keep send guessing myself & wondering if I'm making the right decsions. I'm driving myself crazy being a worry wart!!!

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