Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Whew!!! Another 1st day...

Is it any wonder I had dreams of Gianna at school last night?? In my dream I was talking to Marissa's old preschool teacher that I loved & explaining why I waited so long to enroll her & the problem I have with Gianna's original school.

While I was getting ready this morning I rehashed it all in my mind. Depending on how she feels this morning I think I'll send her to this school despite my gut feelings. We'll give it a try. I got the impression that this school focuses a lot on education (unlike Marissa's old preschool) which I like A LOT & that's the main thing for me so I think we'll give this school a try after all. I'll deal with it...for now! I'm also going to catch Marissa's teacher today at school & ask for her opinion being that she was Marissa's Kindergarten teacher & would know about the preschool here in town. Are you following this??? I feel like I'm rambling.

After dropping off Marissa at school this morning Gianna & I came home to get her ready for her 1st day. I took her temperature (it was 101 when she got up) & luckily the medicine I gave her worked. She was well enough for school. She was so excited! I tried a few different outfits on her but finally opted on a dress. This would make going potty easier for her especially since I wasn't sure how she'd do on that.

She was pretty cooperative model posing for 1st day pics. The whole time she wore her backpack & WOULD. NOT. take it off! Too cute! Since it was still too early to leave I was getting my magazines ready so I could sit in the car & wait. Yes I decided to stay & wait--the hour will FLY by with some scrap magazines I've been wanting to go through!! The entire time Gianna kept asking me if she could get in the car she was so anxious!! Finally I was ready & even though it was still too early we left. I had to go to the bank so we went there first. She was quiet the entire time until I pulled up at the school. I parked in front on the street & she says "No go to school-I go home!" Uh-oh! I tried to re-assure her while we waited in the car. Finally as it was getting closer I realized I had parked too close to a fire hydrant (oops) & drove around back in the parking lot. I got her out of the car & she was still saying she wanted to go home as we walked to the doors. Finally I used the only thing I could think of to get her to stay-TOYS! I said "Don't you want to see all the fun toys in your classroom?" She immediately agreed & let me take her inside. Whew-that was CLOSE!

Shortly after we walked in another little girl came in with her mom & we talked a little as more kids came in. Gianna was acting her usual self & then finally the teacher came out. The moms walked the kids in the classroom & were told to find their name necklaces. Gianna didn't even want to bother with hers so I finally grabbed it myself & explained it was a pretty necklace that all the kids were wearing. She let me put it on her & take a pic--Whew! I then talked to her teacher about her needing to be reminded about the potty & that she can be stubborn about doing things. We both tried showing her where the potty was but Gianna didn't want to so that's when I quickly said goodbye & left. No tears--WHEW! I'm so nervous but glad that she was ok & DIDN'T cry!

The hour flew by & she came out with her class with a small smile on her face. I picked her up & hugged her. I asked if she had a good time-she said no. I asked if she wanted to come back & she said uh uh--at least it wasn't a no!! I talked to her teacher & she said she did fine. She noticed when Gianna doesn't want to do something she'll ignore you & do what she wants (that's when I apoligized!!!) She quickly told me that it's ok & that's why she's in school-she needs to learn how school works. Day one--complete. BIG relief!! I realize that this post is a lot longer than my actual day so far (since I ramble a lot) so I'm going to leave it at that & go soak my head!!

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