Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Made a decision...

I talked to my sister Marie this afternoon. I really wanted a Mom's opinion in the matter & gave her an earful. I vented to her all my concerns about the school & found that I am not "Nelly Nuerotic" (at least not with this). Long story-short...She says this school is not worth my time & Gianna will not remember or be traumatized by the change. I am not even the least bit worried that the moms on the tricky tray committee will be upset with me because only 3 live in town & I'll probably never see the others again. I feel that the school wasn't upfront about all that the parents have to be involved in ahead of time...they don't tell you until you're signed up & it's too late.

After picking Marissa up at school I made a call to where my friend Samantha took her kids & they ARE still accepting kids!! YEAH! They are a bit more expensive but the fundraisers are fewer AND you can always "buy out" (add an extra fee so you don't have to work the fundraisers). I talked to Joe about it & he says the cost makes up for all the time the current school wants me to "work". He's really against me schelping around from various stores soliciting for donations. I don't blame him a bit! The only time I like to go store to store is when I'm SHOPPING!! ;)

I'm going to visit the school this Thurs but I'm going to bring Gianna to her current school first. Just in case I don't want to confuse her. I do think I'll like it because I trust my friend Samantha. I feel the knot in my stomach already loosening up!

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