Friday, September 21, 2007


I know Gianna hasn't been feeling good all week but I thought the worst was over. This was her at 5:30 today.... She was out cold sitting on the chair like that!! How do you like that booger smear across her cheek?? She didn't wake up for more than a a sip of water & a quick cuddle while I was cooking dinner. Speaking of dinner.....

I marinated some chicken in Lawry's Hawaiian marinade this morning figuring it would be nice & tasty for dinner. Nope never tried it before-wait strike that-I once broiled it but didn't realize the broiler was on HIGH & boy was it crispy!! Joe constantly refers to that my "Volcano chicken" recipe! To give him credit he DID eat it!! So I guess you could call this my 2nd attempt at this dish. I cooked it in one of those Reynolds oven bags & it still came out dry & tasteless. Once again my brave husband ate it without comment. He actually said he likes my meatloaf better (not that that was dry-exactly).

Y0u see my husband's mother (whom I sadly have never met due to colon cancer) TRAUMATIZED Joe when he was little with her meatloaf. She made it with mushrooms & peas & corn. I've told him over & over that I don't make it like that AT ALL! Growing up, my mom made it more like meatballs shaped in a loaf & that's how I would make it. In all the years we have been together (12 together & 8 married) he has NEVER let me make meatloaf. FINALLY last week I was given permission! So I poured through recipes & looked up recipes online because I was gonna make him a ROCKIN' good loaf! I finally found something to my liking but I decided to top it with bacon instead of the tomatoe sauce it called for. It smelled SO GOOD! I was super excited about it & couldn't wait for him to get home. I made mashed potatoes because honestly what's meatloaf without mashed potatoes?? He ate it silently & when I finally asked he said it was good but needed tomatoe sauce on top because it was a little dry. I was a little annoyed that he didn't appreciate the bacon BUT at least I got the OK to make it again!

So there you have it. My attempt at keeping this short & sweet turned into a lenghty spew of randomness...Bon appetit!

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