Thursday, September 20, 2007

Only MY child

Today was Gianna's 1st full day of preschool. We got there early & she couldn't wait to go in the classroom! Finally her teacher came out & the parents walked the kids in. I helped Gianna find her name tag & her teacher said they could all have playtime. So I quickly reinforced to her "You gotta pee on the potty & keep your underwear clean" & pointed to the bathroom. I gave her a hug & kiss & left. I was SO nervous about getting a call from school saying she wet herself...or WORSE!!!!

I wanted to stay local in case I got that dreaded call so I wen to Michaels to return somethings & then FINALLY I went to my LSS. I have been WANTING for the LONGEST time to go there by MYSELF & CASUALLY browse the store without saying "STOP don't touch that or stop chasing your sister!" So I took the opportunity today. I'm so glad I did! I managed to find the Basic Grey file set that I've been eyeing online. YEAH! (Yes it's the little things that excite me!)

I left a little early to pick up Gianna because the teacher comes out 5 minutes early to report about the day. Right before she came out to talk to us we heard some crying & I could SWEAR it was Gianna. It really sounded like her. Great!! Finally her teacher came out & said it was an interesting day. The kids not being used to the routine needed extra time to do things like cutting with scissors & glueing & just basic listening. She said there were some tears & some kids throwing toys (I cringed...ONLY MY KID!!). Finally the kids came out & Gianna looked so drained that I knew by looking at her she had been crying at some point. I asked the teacher how she did & she said that she was the one throwing toys & despite being warned Gianna would smile & throw the toys again. I apologized & she said that's why they're in school to LEARN & that they'll straighten her out. Yep, my daughter will be the class bully. ONLY MY KID! This just re-assures me about what I said over the summer....she needs REFORM school! Joe called it & said she'll be kicked out by the 3rd day! Marissa never did that at school. She was the opposite. She would listen at school but misbehave at home. UGH!!!!

Tonight is Marissa's Back to School night. I can't wait to see the classroom & hear what they'll be doing this year. I also want to find out who the class mother is. I hope she's good like the one they had for Kindergarten (I got along with her real well). Is it Friday YET???

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