Monday, September 17, 2007

Serious Doubts

I sat down tonight to FINALLY go through the folders they gave out at Gianna's pre-school being that tomorrow is her 1st day. As I was reading all the papers I realized WHY they didn't explain all this at the orientation last week. If parents knew how much WORK would be involved with this school the parents would pull them out (the school is a "co-op", run by parents to keep costs low)! I've asked several times what to expect but they always gave a vague answer. So now that it's all spelled out in black & white I'm ANGRY! They think parents have nothing better to do than go in & clean the classroom & run fundraisers!! What is up with THAT!!

Joe & I have some serious doubts about all this. We've come to the conclusion that we won't send her tomorrow & try to get her into Marissa's old preschool (even though it'll eat alot of my time driving back & forth). I don't want to dissapoint Gianna that she's gonna miss her 1st day of school when she's so excited about it! Am I being a terrible mother??? I don't know what to do! I'm not even sure if Gianna will make it school one way or another because this afternoon she started coughing & has a runny nose. Her eyes are a little glassy & she's running a slight fever. I don't want to upset her!! Who said being a mother was easy????

On a brighter note....I've been explaining to Gianna that she's going to be at school by herself & Mommy will drop her off & come home. She seems fine with that. By Sunday when I'd tell her about school she would tell me that I'd go home. I feel good about that at least! I don't think she'll be a crier like her sister was. That just broke my heart! Going to sleep on this & hope I can deal with it in a calmer tone tomorrow!

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