Friday, September 7, 2007

T G I F!!!

Marissa today -6 yrs old Gianna today-3yrs old

Marissa 3 years ago-3 yrs old

I had the WORST morning! I woke up extremely tired due to my unfriendly visitor. Then the morning zooms along where it's time to leave for school but when I get in the car it says 8:31 am & Marissa has to be there by 8:35! I know it doesn't take that long to get there but I have to park on the street & walk in & that takes time. I decided to park in the school parking lot & I take off towards school BUT I forgot about the EXTREMELY long light at the intersection. As usual I'm stopped at the light & there's no one in front of me. I'm sitting there panicing that she's gonna be late meanwhile the cars across from me are making the right hand turn & for some reason I got mixed up thinking we were at a stop sign (which used to be at that intersection instead of the light) & when the car across from me stopped I started making the left!! I saw the crossing guard make a face & looked up & saw the light was STILL RED!! I freaked out! I immediately pulled over because I started shaking & saw in my rearview mirror that there was a car really close to me so I must've cut him off (although he didn't honk at me) He kept going when I pulled over so then I pulled out got to school & parked. I thank GOD that we weren't in an accident!!! AARRGHHHH!! I get to school on time & missed having an accident! It could've been worse!

Today was my friend Samantha's 35th birthday. She was going away for the weekend & I made her brownies so we figured I'd drop them off at her house later so she could take them with her. I told her to pick a date so we could celebrate her birthday by getting our nails done & dinner together my treat. She did that for my birthday last year & I like having that spa/girly way to celebrate. It'll be fun-can't wait!
I also went today FINALLY to sign Marissa up for CCD at church. I had heard there was a waiting list (& there was) but the lady told me that it sounds a lot worse than it is. They really make sure everyone gets in because they have to make communion next year. It sounds like she'll get into the Sun 11 am class but it doesn't matter to me as long as she gets in! I should know by late Sept early Oct.

The girls got up this morning bright & EARLY!! Marissa was up at 6:30 & then she woke up Gianna despite me telling her not too. I'm amazed at how well they behaved during the day especially after school! Gianna was funny around 1pm. I had asked her if she was tired but she wouldn't answer me so I said that I was tired. After we ate our lunch she asked me to lay down & nap with her! She kept insisting saying "Mommy take nap with me" so I figured I'd give it a shot since she must be tired. We laid down on the couch & she looked through some photo albums & named everyone in the pics. She seemed very interested in the album of mine & Joe's wedding. After going through the album she messed around not taking a nap but we got some together time & I LOVED every minute of it! She was so clingy most of the day but I think it's because she's lonely without Marissa. I guess she feels left out because she hasn't gone to school yet but her day will come-soon! She's my little pal & I'm gonna miss her when she's in school!

Marissa today was dressed in a High School Musical t-shirt & beige shorts nothing out of the ordinary but she looked SO GROWN UP! I couldn't believe how big she looked! I know I'm biased BUT she's BEAUTIFUL! Joe constantly says that he's gonna have a problem beating off the boys when she gets old enough to date! (see above)

All I can say is thank GOD I wasn't in an accident (especially with my kids in the car). What started out to be a crappy day could've been MUCH worse's FRIDAY--no school tomorrow to rush to! T G I F!! YEAH!

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