Wednesday, September 5, 2007

1st Day of School!

Marissa woke up right away this morning when her alarm clock went off without any problems. She was all dressed & had made her bed before coming in to see me. She was so excited about being all ready without being told & about her day today. Her excitement was contagious, Gianna understood Marissa was going to school & wanted to know where her backpack was. I had to explain again to her that her school starts next week (which really means 2 weeks on the 18th!).

After Marissa had her breakfast she posed for the "1st day" pictures. At school I had wanted to take her picture in front of the school like I did last year but she was cold (having picked out a sundress) & it WAS chilly in the morning. I didn't push it but she did at least let me get a picture with her best friend Ariel. The kids lined up on the blacktop outside & the parents stood in the back taking pics & talking. The principal made some announcements led the pledge of allegiance & then the music teacher sang the national anthem & the school song. By the time this was all said & done it was almost 9am! School is supposed to start at 8:35. Needless to say after the kids went inside the moms hung around talking catching up-all we needed was coffee & we'd be sitting pretty! It was nice though. Sam & her MIL invited me & Gianna to the diner for breakfast but I ate & wanted to go the Kohl's to get Donovan (Ariel's brother) a belated birthday present.

I can't believe how much time I had to do things around the house with her being in school all day! I went to Kohl's then came home to make meatballs only to discover the chopped meat had gone bad--CRAP! But I did make lentils which the girls love & breaded the veal. Then during the rest of the time I did laundry. I had fallen behind on laundry in the last weeks but I've been slowly catching back up.

Gianna was good at Kohl's but when we got home she kept insisting on having bubblegum. I stood my ground since it was still morning AND she never ate breakfast that morning. What was she thinking??? I explained she had to eat first but she wouldn't listen & kept demanding the gum. I started breading the veal & soon she got into it & "helped" me because I turned it into a game of burying treasure. She stopped insisting on the gum & by now the pot of lentils was just about ready to eat. THEN she demanded her pasta & lentils which I made her say please first & THEN gave it to her. I think she's just testing the waters today to see how far I'll let her get away with things. Well I'm NOT having it! To give her some credit she did pretty good peeing on the potty with no accidents all day. She had a small drop of poop in her pull up but never pooped today so I'm counting it as no accidents. Let's keep our fingers crossed!

Joe promised Marissa he'd be there to pick her up at school so when he got home we left. We parked in our usual spot & walked over to school. We met up with Regina (the new girl-Katelyn's mom) & I introduced her to a few moms that were around. When Marissa came out she was all smiles! She had a GREAT day! She was telling us about her day on the walk to the car.

When we got to the car we gave Donovan his gift & while he was opening it. Joe said something about walking home but I thought he was joking----sure enought he kept walking! Turns out Gianna wouldn't listen to him & let him buckle her up in the car seat so he just took off! I said goodbye to Samantha quickly & went to pick him up after getting her in her seat & threatening her with some form of punishment. I couldn't believe him! I know he's having a lot of trouble at work but this shouldn't get to him like it did AND he should stand his ground when it comes to OUR kids! I got mad at him because he embarrassed me in front of Sam plus when I pulled over to pick him up I had to get in front of our neighbor's car so I don't know if she'll say anything or not. How child like was HE?? But I said my peace & I'm done with it...for now.

After we got home & took a few more pics. Marissa told me more about her day- she kept talking about eating in the all purpose room & going to the playground as her favorite parts. Throughout the afternoon I heard more things she was excited about too. She sits at her own desk in a group of 6 kids made up of her, Ariel, Katelyn, another girl & 2 boys but she didn't remember their names. She told me about the hall pass system to go to the bathroom but she kept talking about lunch & the playground! Too funny. She also got a binder with folders for homework & another for notices to go home. Of course she doesn't have homework but I DO! The begining of the year is mounds of paperwork to fill out. Which I still have to do!! Talk about putting it off!

Tonight they were in bed a little after 8pm. When I checked on them at 8:45 Marissa was still awake. She's gonna have a tough time getting up tomorrow but she'll get used to it soon enough. I made her pick out her clothes for tomorrow before going to sleep. She needs to wear sneakers because she has gym tomorrow & Fri. She wasn't sure what gym was about so Joe & I tried explaining to her that it's different sports & it sounded like she was interested-not like she has a choice!! I hope she stays as excited about school throughout the year. Especially since she'll be learning to read this year.

So now that I've said all there is to say about the day I'm off to pack her lunch & do my "homework"! Who says you're done with homework after graduating from school??

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