Monday, September 10, 2007

Just another Manic Monday

This is the start of a busy busy week/month! Today I had a bunch of phone calls to make-which I still haven't finished. Joe has a meeting tonight that's going to run late. So I won't get a break from the girls at all tonight (selfish I know). Tomorrow is a desparetly needed haircut in the morning & then a double playdate for Marissa with her BFF Ariel & the new girl Katelyn. Wed. night is Gianna's school orientation at 7:30. Thurs. will be some errands & food shopping in the morning & having my FIL over for dinner that night. Fri. we're having my girlfriend Connie & her family over for dinner which I'm looking forward to. Sat. my sister Marie is having a joint party for Nikki & Tyler's birthdays being that their birthdays are about 10 days apart. Then thankfully I have Sun to recharge before starting all over again on Mon!! I've got so many dates spinning around in my head of things that are coming up that I'm dizzy!! I'm tired already & that's just THIS week!! Next week is filling up too!

Last week I was getting worried that I was losing my scrapping mojo. It was taking me too long to finish a LO & then I wouldn't be happy with it & change things over & over. I think my problem is that I'm trying too hard to use up some old stash when I'm more motivated to use my newer stuff. I should just let it flow but I feel guilty not using things that have been sitting in my stash. I also feel pressure to get more caught up. I'm almost caught up with the birthday albums for the girls but I'm starting to get bored doing layout after layout of birthdays. There's just no pleasing me I guess.

I've got to finish projects before starting any new ones!!!! Those recipe binders are still sitting on my counter almost done. I just have to clean it up a little. My to-do list just gets longer without crossing anything off....hmmmmm....maybe I'm sitting on the computer too long????? Yeah that's it but THEN I'd be behind on my blog!! hehe!!

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