Monday, September 3, 2007

Countdown commencing....

2 more days until the 1st day of school! Marissa will start 1st grade on the 5th. If you ask her if she's excited she says yes but she doesn't really act excited. I know I'M excited! She's lucky because her Kindergarten teacher got moved up to the 1st grade & she got her AND her best friend in the same class! How cool is that?!?! I just loved her teacher last year & knowing that she knows Marissa's work/study habits already makes me happy.

Gianna doesn't start pre-school until the 18th. It'll be good for her to play with kids her own age & I'll enjoy having some "me time". I'm happy she doesn't start school yet only because she's still not done potty training. She's doing GREAT most days except for when it comes time to do #2. The school says if the kids aren't potty trained yet they'll have to wear a pull up & if they pee they stay that way for the 2 hour class but if they poop then they will call you to come & change them because they are not allowed by law to change the kids. So I'm keeping my fingers crossed that she will do good! I don't want to put a pull up on her because she'll be taking a step back & has no problem staying in a wet/dirty diaper to a degree. I can't wait for this phase of childhood to be OVER!

So I have to admit that I started blogging not only because I intend on using my posts for journaling in my scrapbooks BUT also I haunt a few blogs from people I admire on 2 Peas. Stalking comes to mind but it's much simplier than that - I just really love their scrapbook style. I know their lives are non of my business.

I spent some time yesterday re-organizing my recipe binders. I had a HUGE one about 4" thick but decided to break it down into 2 binders -baking & -everything else! I love finding new recipes in magazines & online but I ran out of space in the binder. By splitting the 2 up I have more room. I'm still not done it's going to take some time to finish it to my liking plus a trip to Staples to get some more binder tabbed dividers. I split things up into easier to find me anal but it DOES make it easier to find things! So maybe I'll come up with some tasty new dish the whole family will love! I know I'll find something YUMMY in the baking book!!

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