Sunday, September 16, 2007


After not having much time the past couple of days to go online at ALL, I turned on my computer today finally. I checked out the 2 Pea's to get my daily fix of awesome layouts only to discover that they CHANGED EVERYTHING about the website!! I was in shock I tell ya! My BOS (bucket of scraps) isn't a BOS anymore, now it's a "bookmark". It seems very confusing right now. I know I need to give it some time but I liked how easy it was to go through everything & now I have a hard time finding my favorite things. How dare they make such a major change like that!!! hehe!

So Fri night my girlfriend came over with her 3 kids (her hubby couldn't make it after all) & we had a nice dinner but they night FLEW by so fast! It was over before we knew it! The kids were all SO tired too as we let them stay up way later than they normally would & they were up early for school that day.

Saturday was the birthday party for my neice Nikki & nephew Tyler. They turn 6 & 4 later this month & my sister has 1 party for them at her house. She was hoping to have a pool party but it was WAY TOO COLD for that non sense! You could certainly feel fall in the air but we mostly stayed outside eating & having a good time until it was time for cake. Then everyone headed inside to singe Happy Birthday. I ate WAY too many YUMMY desserts!! From the ice cream cake to the delish rice pudding my Aunt made to the spongy moist zucchini bread that my Aunt made as well. Then towards the end I couldn't resist the gooey brownies that my sister made anymore! The kids loved their presents that we gave them. We got Nikki (our goddaughter) an American Girl doll with a matching outfit for her & the doll (which my sister loved as well) & got Tyler his 1st bike. Now that he's 4 he should upgrade from his trike.

Today I hope to take in the summer outside "stuff" like the lawn statues & put out the fall "stuff". It's already the middle of Sept & I feel so far behind!! Before I know it I'll be putting up the Halloween decorations!

Gianna starts school Tues. She's got a 1/2 day-which is ONLY an hour long!! I guess it's a good way to get her feet wet. I don't know what I'll do for that hour. I was joking to some mothers that I'll bring a bunch of magazines with me & sit in the car to wait for her! What's the sense in going home!!! We'll see....

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