Saturday, September 22, 2007

Saturday Fun

Today I took my girlfriend Samantha out to get our nails done, (I was treating her for her birthday that was earlier in the month) We were supposed to have lunch & then get our nails done but she couldn't make lunch so we settled on our mani/pedi.

I got to her house at 3pm to leave time to get to the salon for our 3:30 appt, but she was running late & we didn't leave her house until 3:30. Ok no problem I had called to let them know we were running late. When we finally got there it was 4pm (I missed the exit on the highway!!-DUH!!) so they told us we had to pick either the manicure or the pedicure. I left it up to the birthday girl & she chose the manicure. No problem it'll be nice having my nails done for a change but I was REALLY looking forward to having a pedicure-oh well. I picked a REALLY cool color for my nails. It's a purply/burgundy color & it had a funny name which really sold me on it-something like "stop your whining yukon do it". It made me laugh & think of all the Adam Sandler movies where Rob Schneider always yells out "You can do it!" in EVERY movie!

So we decided to reschedule our pedicures for Fri somewher in town while the kids are at school. I'll have Gianna with me but if she gets her toes done too she'll be in heaven! Then after we'll grab lunch like we had planned. It'll be nice considering this Fri will be Joe's & my "anniversary"of sorts. He proposed to me on Sept. 28, 1997 & we celebrate it like all our other anniversaries. Come on now everyone all together......HOW ROMANTIC!!!

When I got home the girls were wound up & Bobby was over hanging out. Joe wanted to go out to eat & since the girls kept insisting on Fuddruckers that's where we went. It's easy, it's fast & it's simple. That pretty much sums up my Saturday, but remember "You can Do It!!"

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