Friday, September 28, 2007

10 years ago....

On this day 1o years ago the sweetest man asked me if I would be his wife...and I said yes! Today is our "Engagement Anniversary". Yes you heard me right--we celebrate it! We also celebrate our "Dating Anniversary" as well as our Wedding Anniversary. I've gotten a lot of shocked looks when I tell people that we celebrate the day we got engaged. But really that's such an important day how could you NOT celebrate??

He asked me to marry him in the Magic Kingdom at Disney World. He took me to Tony's Townsquare Restaurant because it's themed like "Lady & the Tramp" & he knows how much I LOVE Lady & the Tramp!! He 's just SO romantic!! Here's a picture of use the day we arrived at WDW that changed my life. I scrapped this for an album I did of just "US". No kids. Just us. If you lift the flap open it tells the whole story about how he proposed. He's just so darn ROMANTICAL! I had to cancel getting my nails done today with my friend Samantha because Joe let it slip that he was sending me flowers & I had to be around to accept delivery. Not just any flowers but red roses. There's 2 dozen there all full & beautiful. My man does it with STYLE! He's a keeper!

This is us tonight after dinner. Marissa took this picture for us. I think she did a GREAT job! Might be needing her own camera soon!

The beautiful roses proudly displayed in the dining area of our kitchen. He's SO ROMANTIC! I just LOVE him roses or not! Can't believe it was 10 years ago....can't wait to hit our 10 year Wedding Anniversary! We've been "together" 12 years which just AMAZES us on how fast it's gone! It seems like it was only yesterday but it also feels like we've known each other forever! Now that's AMORE!

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