Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Finding an un-used gift card....PRICELESS!

After dropping Marissa off at school Gianna & I decided to go to AC Moore. It's in the area of Joe's shop & since I had to drop Gianna off there while I got my hair cut I figured I had some time to kill.

On the way there I was listening to the radio & the morning show had on a retired NYPD policeman, he's aptly named the "Singing Policeman". I never heard of him but thought he was known because he was on the force & since it was 9/11 they brought him on to commenerate the day. The show played him singing "God Bless America" & he blew me away! He had an AMAZING voice almost like an opera star. I can see why he's so well known. He gave me goose bumps he was that good! I've mentioned how important today was to Marissa before but I don't look forward to the day when she fully understands the impact that it has on our wonderful country.

We got there nice & early shopped for scrap supplies I didn't NEED but HAD to have!! **wink** When I went to check out the total came to over $100.00 even with the coupon I remembered to bring so I used a gift card that I thought had a small $10.00 balance on it. Imagine my surprise when the entire amount went through as PAID!! The cashier checked the id# on the back of the card just to make sure because I had told her it had a $10.00 balance on it. I must've kept the wrong receipt with the gift card I had. WOO-HOO!!! It made my DAY!

After that jackpot I dropped Gianna off at Joe's work & went to get my haircut. She did a wonderful job as usual! I let her dry my hair curly since it was raining out & the humidity would only turn me into a poofy poodle head & she did a great job (it never looks like that for me) but I'm not used to my hair curly anymore. I'm sure the cut is good but I can't wait to see the new cut blown out straight.

From there I picked Gianna up from Joe's & went to Target. I bought Joe "2 & a Half Men" season 1 since I forgot to tape last night's episode & also to thank him for watching Gianna during his busy day at work so I could get my hair cut. He's the best hubby!

So I got a lot of compliments on my curly hair but I'll be loving it straight better. Marissa had her double playdate & all went well. No drama queens or hissy fits (although aren't they the same thing???) All in all I had a GOOD DAY! I feel pretty darn good! It's amazing what a un used gift card can do for a girl!

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