Tuesday, September 25, 2007


Yesterday was our 1st Tricky Tray committee meeting. In case you're like me & have never been to one...you go to a hall where you have dinner (you pay an entrance fee) & buy tickets. Then you put your tickets in to win prizes that are displayed around the room. The committee has to solicit prizes from businesses. So I have to go around a certain area & bother people. If you ask Joe the whole thing boils down to gambling. He's really annoyed that I've got to spend so much time "working" with the school. SO. AM. I. He says that for the time Gianna's in school it doesn't pay to have her there if it's going to eat up so much of my time. We're seriously considering taking her out of this school. I'd rather pay more than all this crap.

The only reason I'm dealing with it right now is I feel the school is more focused on educating the kids rather than a daycare like place where it's more playtime. Also I don't know what kind of effect it will have on Gianna if we switch school's on her so soon. These tricky tray meetings will be once a month until the event which will be towards the end of Feb. There's also the school monthly meetings to go to as well. Not for nothing but who's going to watch my kids (since some of these meetings are at night) & make sure they get to bed ontime??? Joe sometimes doesn't get home until 7:30-8:00 so can you see how crazy this is going to make my life?!?!

At the meeting Gianna had 2 other little girls to play with & for the 1st half of the meeting everything was fine. At one point she comes to me & says she has to go potty so I find out where it is but she doesn't want to let go of the toys she was playing with. There was another girl that wanted to play with those toys & Gianna felt she wouldn't get them "back". Finally I just pried her fingers loose & carried her into the bathroom. As I knelt down to help her she let loose!! I quickly put her on the toliet to finish but her panties were soaked! I cleaned everything up & tried going back to the meeting. Gianna however didn't like the little girl having the toys she was playing with & supposedly hit the girl. I don't doubt that she did hit her but the little girl was hovering around like a vulture & sounded like a whiner. I tried getting Gianna to apologize but she is one stubborn kid! I finally apologized to the girl (let's call her "whiney") & she repeated AGAIN that Gianna hit her! If she kept it up I think I would hit her (no not really)!! Finally the woman whose house we were at turned the TV on for the kids & I sat Gianna down on the couch & told her not to move. She wasn't happy about it but sat. HOWEVER "Whiney" kept hovering because Gianna had a little toy house & wouldn't share. You'd think "Whiney's" mother would step in but NO. I was so embarrassed!!

When it was FINALLY over we left to pick up Marissa from school & she fell asleep in the car. We come home & find out that Marissa was accepted into CCD at church (there was a waiting list believe it or not!!) & last night was the 1st class. So I helped Marissa with her homework which was draining since she fights me on it. Then I started dinner so I could drop her off at CCD & come back to finish cooking. I was SO stressed last night! I tried talking to Joe but he just says we should take Gianna out of the school if it's going to stress me like this. He wouldn't understand that I was stressed more about her behaviour when we're out than about school.
So now I'm sitting at home feeling DRAINED. I don't know what I should do. I want to scrap to regain some sanity but I have no energy & either want to cry or go back to bed. All this drama & it's only lunchtime! I'm ready to soak my head...again!

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