Tuesday, September 4, 2007

One more day!

Today is the day before school. That's it no more days off! Marissa starts 1st grade tomorrow! I'm excited! We went to school today to see her teacher's classroom & to meet a new girl in her class to help make her feel welcome. It was nice. Marissa's kindergarten teacher got moved up to 1st grade due to some teacher's retirement & Marissa was lucky enough to get her again this year! We got to see her classroom & found out tomorrow will be a full session day not a half like last year. It'll be her 1st time eating lunch at school in the "cafeteria" (actually the all purpose room). She'll also get her own desk this year instead of groups of kids sitting at tables. It'll be more challenging with the homework but she'll be learning to read more. I'm so excited for her-it's all such a new adventure! After visiting the classroom we went to the playground with the new girl so the girls could have some playtime. The girls hit it off right away & had fun playing together. Didn't hurt that I got to have some adult conversation either!

We stopped at A & P after the playground to pick up some lunch meats for Marissa to try. She already likes bologna & ham but I wanted her to try turkey. She agreed to try it. When we got home she tried the turkey 1st & immediately said she liked it! YEAH! I was a little worried about her lunch selections but at least she's expanding her horizons.

Gianna starts school on the 18th. So we have some more time to work on that whole potty training thing. That'll be a day I dread & look forward to at the same time. I HOPE she doesn't cry when I leave. I don't think she will exactly but you never know. She's usually with me so I'm not sure how she'll take it. I also hope she doesn't have any potty accidents! I'm keeping my fingers crossed that everything will work out fine!

Tonight everyone will be off to bed early so we can get to school on time & take plenty of pics!

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