Thursday, September 27, 2007

Knots so sure....

This morning I went to visit the preschool that I'm thinking about sending Gianna to. Turns out one of the teachers I know. Her daughter was in Kindergarten with Marissa last year. So she talked to me about the school & told me everything up front about fundraisers & what's expected of the parents. While I feel more at ease I'm still just second guessing myself!! Part of me just wants to go back to where we took Marissa even though it's 15 minutes away & that'll add up to an hour a day of driving back & forth (although it would be a full day for Gianna). What to do...what to do!! I'm debating going to visit other schools as well. I did all that when I was searching for Marissa's preschool. I know things change so I'm not sure if I should.

Regardless, when I picked Gianna up at school today I told the teacher that she would no longer be going there. I *lied* & said that my husband's office assistant gave notice & I'm going to have to go to work so I wouldn't be able to bring her there anymore. I feel terrible about lying BUT I couldn't tell them the truth that they demand more of my time than I'm willing to give. Well I could tell them but I don't think I could be nice about it! The teacher's aren't the ones I have the problem with so the lie was the way to go.

HOWEVER I still have a knot in my stomach! I don't know if it's from withdrawing her from school. Or if I'm doing the right thing. Or if it's because Gianna had her 1st accident at school!! While they were playing outside the teacher saw that she was holding herself & when she asked if she had to go potty Gianna said no but started crying & let loose all over the playground. UGH!!

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