Saturday, March 1, 2008

Little FYI...

I'm in the mood for SPRING! You know--spring renewal, spring cleaning --although that's highly un-likely!! LOL!

With the begining of March here I wanted to play around with the settings on my blog. I was getting tired of the purple. Not that I completely did away with purple but you get my meaning right?? I also messed around with the blog header--in case you haven't noticed. Not exactly what I wanted but it'll do...for now.


Heather Marie said...

I am loving the new blog fresh for spring! :)

Rosalynn said...

I know I'm so ready for spring also. I'm getting so sick of this weather!!! I want get my spring cleaning done also.

The blog looks good. I'm debating if I want to change mine. We'll see..:) Have a good one!