Monday, March 31, 2008

Out like a lamb?? NOT even close!

What is with this weather??? It's just depressing! It's currently 48 degrees & drizzling. It's been cold & rainy all day!! Just checked in Orlando--it's 83 with chance of thunderstorms. There's always a chance of thunderstorms so I'm not concerned in the least. I can't believe it's technically Spring. I need some flip-flops, shorts & tank top wearing weather!!! NOW!!!

Someone please alert Mother Nature that she forgot to turn up the temperture in this area. Thank you.

Saturday, March 29, 2008

The Kitchen Sink....

I don't know about anyone else but I am an admitted over-packer whenever we go away. It doesn't matter if it's for 2 weeks or 2 days -- I take everything!! Every trip I say I'm going to be better. I say I'll limit myself. Then the packing starts. I start second guessing myself...

What if we need to change for dinner? --that's another outfit.

What if the girls spill stuff all over their clothes? --another outfit.

How about I take an extra shirt to go with those shorts? --this is my way of getting 2 wears in 1 pair of shorts...although it doesn't happen much.

What if it's cold at night? --we need jackets & capri pants

What if those shoes aren't comfortable after walking all over EPCOT? --I'll just take a comfy pair of shoes too-just in case.

See what I mean? I can't help it!! SOMEBODY STOP ME!! Joe gets mad at me when he goes to bring the suitcases downstairs & throws his back out. He yells to me something about the 50 lb weight limit & makes me sort things out to make them lighter. Instead of pairing things down & taking some stuff out I just shuffle them to a lighter suitcase! It's a sickness I tell ya!

Friday, March 28, 2008

What I've been doing....

Did this the other day & just wanted to share. It's for Gianna's album, will probably do a simliar one for Marissa's album. Not the greatest pic but it is what it is. Another one for Gianna's album. We were there last year for Father's day. I used some really old papers on this which made me happy. Loosely based on a LO from Laura. I was trying to be orginal but this caught my eye & before I knew it--well here it is! Not totally thrilled with the way the title came out. It looked different in my mind but it's done.

I know I'm supposed to be packing but I couldn't help myself!

Music Star

On Thursday night Marissa had her "1st Grade Music Concert". It was cute. Each 1st grade class sang & performed a song. Some of the kids even played instruments. Marissa got to play the "xylophone medium". Not just the "xylophone" but the "xylophone medium". Got that? I was corrected whenever I said the "xylophone".

Here she is before the show started. It's one of the few good pics I got. The lighting was terrible & all the other pics have her school friends which I'm not keen on sharing without their permission. Just imagine her in a sea of kids all wearing white tops & black pants.

Afterwards the kids were all pumped up after their performance & were bouncing off the walls--at 8 o'clock at night mind you. We managed to get a few shots of her with us & then we went home to watch the video--cause we're dorky like that!

So ready....Sort of!

This time next week we will be in the "Most Happiest Place On Earth"! Can. Not. Wait!

We'll be staying here. It's got so much history for us & the best part is it's the 1st stop on the monorail to the Magic Kingdom.

Can't wait to get away from this cold, dreary (& now rainy) place!!

Off to continue my adventures in packing!

Thursday, March 27, 2008


Hoping to make more of a dent in the packing today. I always put it off/get a slow start on it then come the night before never go to bed so I can finish.

Hoping not to overpack this trip. Ha!! Ha!! Ha!! Ha!!

I'm so ready for the warm weather in FL. Joe asked me what I'm looking forward to the most & I said the warm weather. I asked him the same question & he said to spend time with the girls. Guess I'm just selfish!!

I'm tired today. The alarm company from Joe's shop called at 5am to say the alarm was going off. Love that.

It's been a few days now that I haven't been able to get my "fix" at Confessions of a Pioneer Woman.

Besides the packing would love to sit & scrap a few Disney LO's that I have slightly started.

I hope to take pics of some LO's today.

Tonight is Marissa's 1st grade music concert. She's so excited about it because she's got a xlophone part. Keeps worrying that she'll forget her part then turns around saying how great she's going to do. So cute!

I'm hungry & feel like my stomach is eating to get myself a slim-fast (hey I'm down a couple of lbs. from last week)

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Purging...It just feels GOOD!

This afternoon I was straigtening up the house when I realized that it's been awhile since I'd gone on a "Toy Spring Cleaning". I slowly started purging the "little things". Before I knew it I threw out a small armful of toys & what-nots. It felt good!!

Then I went to pick up Marissa from school only to have her invited to her friend's house for a playdate. Know what I did?? Yep! I came right back home & went through the basement, family room, & their bedrooms & filled up a bag & a half of crap & tossed it without a second thought! I feel good!! I would like to do more but I'm not pushing it.

Just wanted to share how much lighter my house is....

Birthday Tween

Today is my neice Destiny's 12th birthday. She's the oldest grandchild on my side. When she was born we were all ga-ga over her! Since I used to work 5 mins away from my mom's house I would go there for lunch & hold Destiny. As she got older when I had a bad day at work I'd go to my mom's for lunch just for a big hug from her to make me feel better. Here she is as our flower girl at 3 yrs. old. She just loved her Uncle Joe that day!
Now here she is just last week. Growing up so fast. Already looking forward to next year when she'll be 13. She can't wait to be an official teenager!! Just don't grow up too fast, OK??

Happy Birthday Destiny!!

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Shopping Spree...Bust

So I went to the mall today fully intending to get clothes for all of us for the trip. My 1st stop was Old Navy. I found some cute tops for myself only when I tried them on they didn't fit good so I gave up. I did manage to find the girls some cute, cute clothes so I was happy with that. The rest of my shopping extraganza was basically directed to those 2 little easy-to-shop-for girls of mine. So I settled on living through them. They will were the clothes I would love to wear if I was a smaller size. Now don't get me wrong, I managed to buy myself "A" shirt however not for vacation. I also bought Joe some new much-needed jeans & polo shirts so that's good.

I'm a little bummed about not finding stuff for me but that should just motivate me more to get myself back on the treadmill.....right after I polish off those brownies that Joe brought home!! Kidding!! Just kidding!! I gave him dirty looks & told him that I appreciate the thought BUT seriously NO THANKS!

Monday, March 24, 2008

So glad it's over

Whew! I am tired!! Yesterday was a crazy day & now that it's over I don't want to do anything until we go away! Well, maybe scrapbook but you know what I'm talking about! It's been non-stop every weekend this month & I'm over it! Yeah I'm complaining a bit but give a girl a break!

The kids had lots of fun with the egg hunt. This was the 1st year we managed to have it outside. It was chilly but they didn't feel a thing running all over the place. That's all the grandkids on my side (my girls are in purple).Today I didn't do much of anything. Just tried to recover from yesterday. Did a Disney LO with a few more in the making. Tomorrow I hit the mall for some much needed things for the trip. Nothing like a little retail therapy to make a girl feel better!!

Sunday, March 23, 2008

Happy Easter!!

Happy Easter!!

Saturday, March 22, 2008

Things to Do--SomeBunny Help Me!!

Got a lot to get done today since we're hosting Easter tomorrow.

1. Make Sauce--being Italian we don't just serve ham as the main meal.
2. Make Lentils--just 'cause.
3. Make Banana Muffins--for mornings when we're running late & need a quick breakfast.
4. Make Angel Food Cake-for part of tomorrow's dessert.
5. Make Meatballs--for the sauce.
6. Bread Veal Cutlets--which I then freeze for future meals.
7. Make chocolate covered pretzels--for tomorrow
8. Fill plastic eggs for Easter Egg Hunt.
9. Make Jello-O eggs--'cept I don't make 'em this fancy.
10. Decorate hard-boiled eggs with the girls.
11. Make 4 Easter baskets for my girls & my niece & nephew.
12. Possibly make a Cheesecake--if I don't run out of time.
13. Trim Gianna's bangs
14. Straighten up the house.
15. Collapse in bed.

Happy Easter to All!!

Friday, March 21, 2008

Somebunny's been creative.....

Since I've been in a real scrappy mood, I wanted to share these that I finished yesterday. I used MM's Garden Party since I never put it away after I bought it. I've been keeping all the embellies & stuff in a basket & rummage through it for what I'm looking for instead of pulling out all my stuff just to find the sticker or flower that I'm looking for. It's made things flow much easier & the LO's came together faster thanks to that method I've been using. Think it also helps that I'm sticking to one mfg so there's no guessing in what goes together.

Love how this came out. Don't think you can see it but on the small pic I used my old scallop edged scissors along the edge then wrapped the ribbon next to it & used some rhinestones I had.

For the next LO I wanted to use the circle paper but of course I was trying not to cut off too much. I finally overcame my fear & was left with a good size piece I can use on another LO.

The pics aren't the best. They either came out too dark or too light but these were the best of the bunch. The colors are really pretty irl. Oh yeah & just for the record I did not lift anyone (or "copy good" as Joe says) & these are purely from me.

We've got plans today to take my cousin to this HUGE mall in NY. He wanted to go to the Bronx Zoo but it's so windy here & my kids are still sick to be outside so we compromised & he'll get to browse 4 floors of shopping utopia! Too bad he's not a girl!

Edited to Add: Plans got changed--the usual when it comes to plans with my family. My couisin wanted to go back into NYC again since it was his last day here. We opted instead to take him out to dinner to "Romano's Macaroni Grill". The food was good & we had a good time. Turns out that my couisin is seriously considering moving here & is planning on coming back in Sept with with wife. I couldn't imagine leaving the Riveria were he lives. Nevermind leaving the country to move somewhere he doesn't speak the language. My parents did it too with 2 little kids (my older sister & I) & for that I'm grateful since I was given the chance to grow up here. Maybe someday I'll work up the nerve to move to another state like FL. like Joe wants to!

Thursday, March 20, 2008

Don't Mind Me!!

Please just ignore the bottom part of that last post.

Thank you.

Good Night!

Spring has Sprung???? And Nostaglia.

Seriously, I am sick of this cold!! This is NOT the 1st day of Spring!! Who do they think they're fooling??? Not me. It's been super windy & rainy & just plain miserable here. I can not wait to get on that plane in 2 weeks for FL!!

Last night I went through Marissa's old 4T clothes for Gianna so I can pack them for our trip. It was like walking back through time! I can remember Marissa in those clothes like it was yesterday!! Where, oh where, did the time go???? The part that blew my mind is the last time Marissa wore those clothes Gianna was only 1 year old!! O-M-G!! Now she's almost 4!! Where did my baby go??

These pics are from a June 2005 Disney trip. The girls had matching outfits in both pics.

Now only Gianna will be wearing that outfit. The other matching outfit is too small.

Does that mean I'm in need of another baby in my life?? Whoa!! Hold the phone!! Where did that come from?? I must have been possessed by some crazy-assed hormones!! I am not. Repeat. NOT. Having any more kids (if I have my way)!! I think I need some sleep, Maybe an adult beverage then some sleep. Yeah that's it!! No wait that just might get me "in trouble". Guess I'll just skip the adult beverage & settle on hot cocoa.

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Here they are...FINALLY!

I know I've been teasing with promises of my layouts. So I made sure that I hopped right on the computer this morning after dropping Marissa off at school & torturing Gianna with eye drops for her pink eye. Fun.

I'm gonna tell you straight out that the following 4 12x12 LO's are lifts of Laura. I only changed a few things to make them "mine" but kept it close to hers because I really really like her style!!

This is the LO that inspired me to forget the Disney album that I started & create this! This is Laura's work that was on the MM blog. Hers is by far the better LO but I'm ok with mine.

After completing that I was motivated to use my Feb. kit from Scrapbook Bakery. Heather filled the box with so many pretties & man did I have FUN playing!! Everything on the pages (except the brads, bling & some extra cardstock) is from her kit--seriously!! She made it super easy to be creative!! Like I said before these are lifts of Laura's work as she was the guest designer for the kit. Do I sound like an ad??

You can see Laura's versions of those last 3 here.

Since I had so much stuff left over I was motivated to make these next 4 6x6 pages. These were my own with no help from Laura---see I can be creative too!! Though I admit while working on these I would often think "what would Laura do?" or "WWLD?"

These 4 6x6 pgs will go in this album that I made for Joe & I.

And finally the cover pages for our Disney trip last June. Me, being anal, make each daughter her own Disney album & try to keep them slightly different. However I have to admit that I lifted myself from the last Disney albums (which was a lift of someone too!). Here are the orginals-- Marissa's & Gianna's . This is Marissa's cover page for the new album...

This is Gianna's. It was her birthday trip so there will be more pages in her album.

I'm really behind on Disney trips but don't see a way out before this trip. It's not that far off now & doubled with Easter I realize how much stuff I have to do before we go away!! PANIC!!! breathing....ok slightly better.....I will get through I'm off to do more laundry!!

Monday, March 17, 2008

Lucky Day

For those of you that are Irish....& even for those that are just for today....

Happy St. Patrick's Day!!

Yeah I know it's a little late to be saying that BUT I've been busy....scrapping.

Yeah I said scrapping!!

I've been on a roll & keep finding just 1 more LO to do before I take pics & share. Will be back tomorrow with some scrappiness....was delayed by Gianna's pink eye tonight....take it up with her!

Gonna leave you with these happy little leprechauns....

Friday, March 14, 2008

Time Flies

I feel like March is practically over. I know it's not but as of tomorrow we'll be halfway through the month. Crazy.

Today I've been deep cleaning my house. I've let the upstairs slack for awhile so today I got to work. The real reason? My cousin Ciro will be over Sun for dinner with the rest of my family. I think it's an Italian thing but I'm sure he'll want a tour of the house so I need it to be clean. Besides it'll be done for Easter next weekend too!! Bonus!! And yes, I will be hosting Easter dinner. Joe loves it when we have people over because he knows the house will get super clean! LOL!

I started with my bedroom & had Gianna "helping" so it took awhile. By the time we were done she had enough of being upstairs & argued with me to go downstairs. Thanks kid. That's when my hero--Joe stepped in to rescue me. He offered to come pick her up for lunch at McDonald's & then take her to work. What a sweetheart!

Afterwards I did more laundry & didn't get to another room until after I took Marissa to gymnastics. I feel like most of my day was wasted. But I did get the master bathroom all clean & shiny. Now I've just got to finish the rest of upstairs so I can work on the downstairs tomorrow! ARRGHH!! Will it never end?? I hate cleaning!!

Next week I will hopefully have a little more time to myself but like I said I'm hosting Easter so we'll see. Besides I've got to start packing for Disney so I don't have to pull an "all-nighter" like I normally do before vacation. I'm determined to have the bags packed so I will have time to get a mani-pedi before our trip!!! So there goes the rest of my month! March will be over in the blink of an eye (for me anyways). I'm not complaining just can't believe how fast it's going!! It felt like Feb. couldn't be done soon enough & now look--March is halfway gone!

I know I've been talking about scrapping & honestly I have. I've just been trying to keep going while I can. I promise to take pics of my LO's & post in the next day or so. Honestly though I've just been lifting Laura's work so it's not original in the least. Like I told her, when I showed Joe my LO's he said it was "nice & that I was a good at copying"!! LOL!! I'm just more motivated by her work & how easy she makes life for me! I will try to be more original.....after Disney!!

Thursday, March 13, 2008


Last night was a late night. Joe is in full crazy mode at work. With Spring technically around the corner he's got to set up locations. Easter is so early this year & that means he's got to move it into high gear since the shore people want the games delivered early. Nevermind all the regular daily stuff & tax season is here & he's short on help. Just plain crazy! Needless to say he's behind on things so after dinner he tucked the girls into bed & went back to work until midnight.

I took advantage of being alone & scrapped some more. I mixed it up a little with laundry too just to be wild & crazy like that. To top it off Gianna was up late thanks to the nap she took at school. That lunatic stayed up till 11:15!! Or at least that was the last time I went in to yell at her for still being awake & running amok in her room!! **SIGH**

Let me back track a little with Gianna. When I picked her up from school yesterday there was a "incident report" in her folder saying she scratched another kid without being provoked. Great....we've always said she'd be the kid expelled from pre-school & the youngest kid in reform school!! So her being up late like that was just the cherry on top to a wonderful day!(heavy on the sarcasm)

When Joe came back home the lunatic stays up late to work on his tax stuff for the accountant! Me, being the supportive wife, kept him company & finished up a layout & the last load of towels. Since I don't like sleeping without him I stayed up too--till 2am...then I gave up on him & went to bed! A girl needs her beauty sleep after all!

Monday, March 10, 2008

Weekend Update

What a weekend! We had things to do every moment of the weekend which I'm not always crazy about since I don't like rushing around but it was all good.

Friday night my sister Marie came over with the kids to continue my birthday celebration. We were card sharks & played Crazy 8's, a rousing game of Go Fish & a nail biter game of Old Maid--which I lost & was the Old Maid--coincidence?? I think not!

Afterwards we had cake--a oh so low-cal Cannoli cake--YUMMMMMY!! Then we opened gifts. Joe had gone & exchanged those Cricut cartridges I wanted to return & picked me up some different fonts which I love! He also got me the tool kit (which he thought came with the machine). Then my sister & her family got me some pretty clothes but she got them too big so
I get to do some returns & go shopping! Perfect timing too since I'll need some new stuff for our Disney trip which will be here soon!!!! Of course we took some pics & my sister snapped this one of us--love the look on Gianna's face, like she's up to something!!
On Sat. we went to see the circus. Like I said I've never seen a Ringling Bros. circus & this was so cool! I really had fun & loved seeing the looks of amazement on the girls' faces!! Of course I took pics there too. They didn't come out that great since it was so dark but I did manage a few good ones--it also helped that we had great seats! My favorites are the tigers which were so beautiful & HUGE!! It didn't help that the tamer was so tiny but those cats were seriously ginormous!!

Another favorite of mine were the elephants. It's also all Gianna talked about before we went.
Then there were the clowns. They were fantastic! Didn't realize how far they've come since the shows I've seen on TV as a kid. Am I dating myself here?? Loved seeing the frilly girly clowns dance around. There were also some cool not too goofy looking clowns. I don't think I got too many good pics of the clowns but I'm ok with that. I did mange to get a great shot of some of them. These were my favorite clowns.....

Aren't they the cutest clowns ever????
Our friend Bobby actually took this pic & also took this family shot for us. They girls had a really great time!!
Saturday night we had my sister Chet come babysit since we had a "Cabin Fever" party at the neighbor's. Sorta like a block party but mostly adults since it runs late. We had so much fun. It's good to be able to catch up & talk. Found out my next door neighbor scraps too so we'll be getting together soon for that! We stayed later than we normally would but since my sister slept over it was all good & we stayed till the end--2am. 2am was now actually 3am with the time change & boy did it hit us the next day!!

Sunday was a long day. Not only were we tired from the night before but it was a lot of waiting. My cousin was due to fly in from Italy at 3:30 but due to the storms we had the night before it got pushed to 5:30. We drove down to my mom's & my sister Marie (translater) & her hubby Danny (driver) along with Joe (who was the navigator) went off to the airport to get him & his son. I hung out at my mom's along with my sister Chet & all 6 grandkids. We helped my mom get things ready for dinner & kept the kids out of her hair. They finally got back around 7pm & it was nice to see him again. Found out that he doesn't live in Italy, he lives in France. Not just anywhere in France but right on the water on the French Riviera! He showed us pics of his view from his house & it's stunning!! Just breath taking! If I were him I've never want to leave it!! He's a lucky guy!! Might have to go visit his house someday!!!!

This is us after we ate my mom's never-ending meal---that woman cooks like she's feeding an army!! My cousin Ciro is sitting down next to my mom whose holding Marie's daughter Nikki. Next to them are my sister Rita's kids Destiny & Michael. I'm in a white top in the back, my sister Chet is holding Gianna on the left & my sister Marie is holding her son Tyler dressed in blue. Missing from the pic are the hubbies, my other sister Rita & the only grandchild missing was Marissa & my cousin's son Anthony. The kids were squirming & tired so we're lucky we managed this shot!!

This is Chet's dog Lorenzo. He's a tiny thing that thinks he's a big dog the way he barks at people! If we were better prepared we could've taken his pic next to a bottle of Tequila!!
Today I made up this cute card for my friend Diane's birthday. I was short on time so I lifted the card that Heather sent me with my box of goodies awhile ago. This turned out to be a much longer post than I intended! Sorry to bore everyone--I'll try to have some scrappiness posted tomorrow!

Thursday, March 6, 2008

Weird stuff you didn't know about me....Tagged!!

I got tagged by Laura for my birthday. Isn't she just sweet?!?! Here are the rules. List 7 things about yourself ... tag 7 people and link their blogs ... and then leave comments on their blog letting them know they're tagged. Follow?? Good that means you're tagged!!

1. I have always been a night owl. Although I get up earlier now to get the girls to school than when I had to get to work! I can stay up late easily but I pay for it the next morning.

2. I always dread going out to parties where I have to mingle with people I don't normally socialize with. I get almost sick with anxiety about going, then once I'm there I wonder what I was worried about & have a good time.

3. I buy loads of those cute $1 acrylic stamps from Michael's & AC Moore but haven't used them yet. I just seem to horde them!

4. I set my alarm to go off 20 mins. earlier than I need to get up & then just sleep through it anyway. I wake up in a panic & hurry to get showered & dressed in time to get the girls to school.

5. I would rather bake any day of the week than cook. I don't mind cooking but baking is more fun to me. Just call me Sara-Lee!!

6. I'm almost compulsive about having things organized but my kitchen & dining room are always full of piles of papers that need to get put away but don't until people come over! Joe loves it when I have people over because it means the house will get cleaned!! LOL!!

7. I start loads of projects with all the best intentions of following through to the end but get sidetracked by something newer & more interesting. I need to start things that are easy to finish so I get the sense of accomplishment faster.

So there you have all my quirks--well not all my quirks but the tag says 7 & that's all I'm sharing. I wouldn't want to scare people off!!

I'm not sure who I'll I'm leaving it open & if you feel like playing leave me a comment so I can see that I'm not the only person out there who's as odd as I feel some days. I said odd not smart ass comments on my age--that goes especially for my sister Chet who lurks here from time to time!!!!

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Birthday Re-cap

Thank you all for your birthday wishes!! I had a relaxing day.....I slept a lot. Not what I wanted to do but I guess my body did. Old age will do that I guess!! Still sick...getting crap from my sisters about not going to the doctor but I'm stubborn.

Joe took us out to eat at the Cheesecake Factory. The food was GREAT & I'm FULL!!! I had the Luau Salad & it is so very filling & DE-lish!!!

When we got home I opened presents. He already gave me some early gifts the other day. A Disney Christmas Pluto that we've both been eyeing. Really cute. Then we went to Michael's & he got me an Ott-lite. The lighting on my desk is horrible & he's noticed as well as heard me complain about it. I wanted the small flip open one but he felt it wasn't enough & went bigger. I'm not complaining because it's great!! Marissa has taken my desk over just to use it when she's doing her homework!! Glad she likes it......

Tonight I got some ink & photo paper for my printer. Yeah not romantic at all but if you know me & know how many pics I print you know that this makes me HAPPY!! Then came the BIG box! He got me the Cricut Expression along with 2 Disney cartridges. I've been wanting one for a long time but don't have the room for it so I never pressed it. He's heard me mention it a lot though & did his homework. I'm going to return the Disney cartridges because I don't need the figures & I'd rather have the fonts---he gets mega points though!! Not sure where I'll keep little hands away from it though....Marissa likes that new toy too! She's already asking to use it but Mommy's not sharing that!

Thought my hair came out really good tonight so I got Marissa to snap a few shots.

These are my beautiful roses that Joe totally spoils me with. I guess he realizes now that I like purple best & has adjusted his orders. Love him so much & not because he spoils me rotten!! I'm so lucky to have a husband like him. BTW-he convinced me to have a few people over this Fri night for cake & coffee. He's not inviting his dad so the night should be stress free. I feel bad but the man can be so doom & gloom that he brings everyone down. Basically it's just going to be us & my sisters Marie & Chet so it'll be nice & easy. Gotta love that. So now that I'm old ***coughcough34coughcough*** I need my beauty sleep & I'm off to bed! Thanks again for all the birthday love!!

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Tuesday Planning

So this past weekend I officially started scrapping the last Disney trip from June. I usually do an album for each daughter so this will take awhile. I also skipped around a little & started (finally) using my Feb Kit from Scrapbook Bakery (sorry I don't think it's available anymore). This kit has so much FUN stuff to play with & Heather really packed it full! Laura was the guest designer & she came up with some BEAUTIFUL LO's as well as a fun & pretty garland. I have to admit that I totally just lifted her work----she makes life so easy with her un-complicated designs! She knows I idolize her--hey it's better than stalking!! LOL!

Today as much as I wanted to stay home & scrap I was offered the opportunity to go to lunch with my hubby. Basically he offered & I said yes. It's nice to be able to have a meal with him without having a power stuggle for his attention with the girls around. Of course being that he was working we had to make it quick so we went to Hooter's. I'm not complaining one bit I actually enjoyed my food & especially his company. Didn't care for the waitress who kept calling him "honey" though. After my dirty looks & my frosty attitude to her I think she tried to fix her goof cause then she started calling me "honey". She's not our usual waitress who is a doll & I'm not thrilled with today's waitress at all (my claws are out chickie!!)

Tomorrow we're going out to Cheesecake Factory for my birthday. My sister Chet offered/was asked to babysit but I'd like to be with the girls on my birthday. She can sit another night when we can take advantage & go to dinner and a movie. Love her!! Besides she's watching the girls this Sat. so we can go to the neighborhood "Cabin Fever" party. It's like a block party only it's grown ups, we do it every year & have a good time. Sat afternoon we're going to the circus & I'm looking forward to that since I've never seen Ringling Bros.

Sun afternoon my cousin Ciro is arriving from Italy. So we'll all be at my mom's house to visit. That's gonna be a late night since he's arriving at JFK. By the time he goes through Customs & gets his bags & my other sister Marie drives him to my mom's it'll be at least 6pm. Then you know we'll all be chattering loudly & of course eating a big dinner that my mom's gonna make so you know the kids will be tired & cranky come Mon. morning. I'm physic like that. Not that I'm complaining. I haven't seen my cousin since our family visit to Italy in 1984 so we'll have fun.

Basically this birthday girl is getting her wish to not have a party & be fussed over. There's just no free time this weekend & if we pushed it to the following weekend it'll just be --I don't know--over. My older sister Marie did offer to have us up to her house Fri. night for cake but I'm not sure how concrete that plan is. Birthdays just kinda suck when you get older. But I guess getting older is better than not so I'll just leave it with that.

Sunday, March 2, 2008

Still Like It!!

Since I was asked how my haircut came out I made a point to take my time with my hair today. Oh yeah & also because Joe wanted to take us out to eat!! Don't mind the Valentine decorations still up at my house--lets just say it's a house full of love-shall we?? The pic doesn't do the cut justice btw.
I asked Marissa to take my pic & Joe was surprised I didn't ask him. He did offer but usually he stinks at it. This time Marissa kept shaking the camera so the pic isn't the greatest --gonna have to fire her! LOL!

Because I never seem to learn from my mistakes, I asked Marissa to take a few more pics tonight after we got home from Outback & this wasn't too bad....but now you can see the urgent need I have to get to FL & get a TAN!!

Saturday, March 1, 2008

Little FYI...

I'm in the mood for SPRING! You know--spring renewal, spring cleaning --although that's highly un-likely!! LOL!

With the begining of March here I wanted to play around with the settings on my blog. I was getting tired of the purple. Not that I completely did away with purple but you get my meaning right?? I also messed around with the blog header--in case you haven't noticed. Not exactly what I wanted but it'll do...for now.