Thursday, March 6, 2008

Weird stuff you didn't know about me....Tagged!!

I got tagged by Laura for my birthday. Isn't she just sweet?!?! Here are the rules. List 7 things about yourself ... tag 7 people and link their blogs ... and then leave comments on their blog letting them know they're tagged. Follow?? Good that means you're tagged!!

1. I have always been a night owl. Although I get up earlier now to get the girls to school than when I had to get to work! I can stay up late easily but I pay for it the next morning.

2. I always dread going out to parties where I have to mingle with people I don't normally socialize with. I get almost sick with anxiety about going, then once I'm there I wonder what I was worried about & have a good time.

3. I buy loads of those cute $1 acrylic stamps from Michael's & AC Moore but haven't used them yet. I just seem to horde them!

4. I set my alarm to go off 20 mins. earlier than I need to get up & then just sleep through it anyway. I wake up in a panic & hurry to get showered & dressed in time to get the girls to school.

5. I would rather bake any day of the week than cook. I don't mind cooking but baking is more fun to me. Just call me Sara-Lee!!

6. I'm almost compulsive about having things organized but my kitchen & dining room are always full of piles of papers that need to get put away but don't until people come over! Joe loves it when I have people over because it means the house will get cleaned!! LOL!!

7. I start loads of projects with all the best intentions of following through to the end but get sidetracked by something newer & more interesting. I need to start things that are easy to finish so I get the sense of accomplishment faster.

So there you have all my quirks--well not all my quirks but the tag says 7 & that's all I'm sharing. I wouldn't want to scare people off!!

I'm not sure who I'll I'm leaving it open & if you feel like playing leave me a comment so I can see that I'm not the only person out there who's as odd as I feel some days. I said odd not smart ass comments on my age--that goes especially for my sister Chet who lurks here from time to time!!!!


laura vegas said...

thanks for playing sara! so many of these are just like me! i set my clock by my bed 10 minutes fast and my husbands is 20 minutes fast ... i know they're fast, but i still have to think a little in the morning depending since i always end up on different sides. lol!

{Susan...Seriously.} said...

funny...i can't stand for my alarm to go off, not EVEN a minute before i need to get up. i allow just ENOUGH time, and NO extra time. i hate mornings.=0(

Debbi T said...

What fun facts! I have two alarm clocks and hit the snooze button. I don't know why I bother!