Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Tuesday Planning

So this past weekend I officially started scrapping the last Disney trip from June. I usually do an album for each daughter so this will take awhile. I also skipped around a little & started (finally) using my Feb Kit from Scrapbook Bakery (sorry I don't think it's available anymore). This kit has so much FUN stuff to play with & Heather really packed it full! Laura was the guest designer & she came up with some BEAUTIFUL LO's as well as a fun & pretty garland. I have to admit that I totally just lifted her work----she makes life so easy with her un-complicated designs! She knows I idolize her--hey it's better than stalking!! LOL!

Today as much as I wanted to stay home & scrap I was offered the opportunity to go to lunch with my hubby. Basically he offered & I said yes. It's nice to be able to have a meal with him without having a power stuggle for his attention with the girls around. Of course being that he was working we had to make it quick so we went to Hooter's. I'm not complaining one bit I actually enjoyed my food & especially his company. Didn't care for the waitress who kept calling him "honey" though. After my dirty looks & my frosty attitude to her I think she tried to fix her goof cause then she started calling me "honey". She's not our usual waitress who is a doll & I'm not thrilled with today's waitress at all (my claws are out chickie!!)

Tomorrow we're going out to Cheesecake Factory for my birthday. My sister Chet offered/was asked to babysit but I'd like to be with the girls on my birthday. She can sit another night when we can take advantage & go to dinner and a movie. Love her!! Besides she's watching the girls this Sat. so we can go to the neighborhood "Cabin Fever" party. It's like a block party only it's grown ups, we do it every year & have a good time. Sat afternoon we're going to the circus & I'm looking forward to that since I've never seen Ringling Bros.

Sun afternoon my cousin Ciro is arriving from Italy. So we'll all be at my mom's house to visit. That's gonna be a late night since he's arriving at JFK. By the time he goes through Customs & gets his bags & my other sister Marie drives him to my mom's it'll be at least 6pm. Then you know we'll all be chattering loudly & of course eating a big dinner that my mom's gonna make so you know the kids will be tired & cranky come Mon. morning. I'm physic like that. Not that I'm complaining. I haven't seen my cousin since our family visit to Italy in 1984 so we'll have fun.

Basically this birthday girl is getting her wish to not have a party & be fussed over. There's just no free time this weekend & if we pushed it to the following weekend it'll just be --I don't know--over. My older sister Marie did offer to have us up to her house Fri. night for cake but I'm not sure how concrete that plan is. Birthdays just kinda suck when you get older. But I guess getting older is better than not so I'll just leave it with that.


laura vegas said...

you're too funny sara! believe me ... i do my fair share of "stalking" too and lift so many of my scrapping idol's layouts too! lol!

you're a better person than me. i would have chosen scrapping alone time over lunch with my husband. lol! how bad is that!?!? and i would never let him near a hooters ... don't care how good the chicken wings are. lol!

sounds like a busy week! i hope you have an excellent birthday tomorrow!!!

{Susan...Seriously.} said...

happy birthday to you happy birthday to you happy birthday to yoooooouuuu happy birthday to you!!! enjoy your dinner. and have fun at the circus this weekend. enjoy tom the clown!