Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Birthday Re-cap

Thank you all for your birthday wishes!! I had a relaxing day.....I slept a lot. Not what I wanted to do but I guess my body did. Old age will do that I guess!! Still sick...getting crap from my sisters about not going to the doctor but I'm stubborn.

Joe took us out to eat at the Cheesecake Factory. The food was GREAT & I'm FULL!!! I had the Luau Salad & it is so very filling & DE-lish!!!

When we got home I opened presents. He already gave me some early gifts the other day. A Disney Christmas Pluto that we've both been eyeing. Really cute. Then we went to Michael's & he got me an Ott-lite. The lighting on my desk is horrible & he's noticed as well as heard me complain about it. I wanted the small flip open one but he felt it wasn't enough & went bigger. I'm not complaining because it's great!! Marissa has taken my desk over just to use it when she's doing her homework!! Glad she likes it......

Tonight I got some ink & photo paper for my printer. Yeah not romantic at all but if you know me & know how many pics I print you know that this makes me HAPPY!! Then came the BIG box! He got me the Cricut Expression along with 2 Disney cartridges. I've been wanting one for a long time but don't have the room for it so I never pressed it. He's heard me mention it a lot though & did his homework. I'm going to return the Disney cartridges because I don't need the figures & I'd rather have the fonts---he gets mega points though!! Not sure where I'll keep little hands away from it though....Marissa likes that new toy too! She's already asking to use it but Mommy's not sharing that!

Thought my hair came out really good tonight so I got Marissa to snap a few shots.

These are my beautiful roses that Joe totally spoils me with. I guess he realizes now that I like purple best & has adjusted his orders. Love him so much & not because he spoils me rotten!! I'm so lucky to have a husband like him. BTW-he convinced me to have a few people over this Fri night for cake & coffee. He's not inviting his dad so the night should be stress free. I feel bad but the man can be so doom & gloom that he brings everyone down. Basically it's just going to be us & my sisters Marie & Chet so it'll be nice & easy. Gotta love that. So now that I'm old ***coughcough34coughcough*** I need my beauty sleep & I'm off to bed! Thanks again for all the birthday love!!


laura vegas said...

happy birthday sara!!! sounds like you had a great day ... and fun presents too! you have such a thoughtful husband that pays attention to what you need and what you want!

and for the record ... you-are-not-that-old-since-i-am-almost-38-which-means-i'm-quite-a-few-years-up-on-you! lol! i totally hid the age in all that fancy hyphonating. lol!

btw ... i tagged you! my birthday present to you. lol!

{Susan...Seriously.} said...

glad you had a good day...and the hair did turn out good=0)

and 34 is NOT old at all...i was that age until 2 months

enjoy your new toy!

Rosalynn said...

Hi Sara, I know it's be-lated, but Happy Birthday!! I meant to reply sooner!!