Monday, March 10, 2008

Weekend Update

What a weekend! We had things to do every moment of the weekend which I'm not always crazy about since I don't like rushing around but it was all good.

Friday night my sister Marie came over with the kids to continue my birthday celebration. We were card sharks & played Crazy 8's, a rousing game of Go Fish & a nail biter game of Old Maid--which I lost & was the Old Maid--coincidence?? I think not!

Afterwards we had cake--a oh so low-cal Cannoli cake--YUMMMMMY!! Then we opened gifts. Joe had gone & exchanged those Cricut cartridges I wanted to return & picked me up some different fonts which I love! He also got me the tool kit (which he thought came with the machine). Then my sister & her family got me some pretty clothes but she got them too big so
I get to do some returns & go shopping! Perfect timing too since I'll need some new stuff for our Disney trip which will be here soon!!!! Of course we took some pics & my sister snapped this one of us--love the look on Gianna's face, like she's up to something!!
On Sat. we went to see the circus. Like I said I've never seen a Ringling Bros. circus & this was so cool! I really had fun & loved seeing the looks of amazement on the girls' faces!! Of course I took pics there too. They didn't come out that great since it was so dark but I did manage a few good ones--it also helped that we had great seats! My favorites are the tigers which were so beautiful & HUGE!! It didn't help that the tamer was so tiny but those cats were seriously ginormous!!

Another favorite of mine were the elephants. It's also all Gianna talked about before we went.
Then there were the clowns. They were fantastic! Didn't realize how far they've come since the shows I've seen on TV as a kid. Am I dating myself here?? Loved seeing the frilly girly clowns dance around. There were also some cool not too goofy looking clowns. I don't think I got too many good pics of the clowns but I'm ok with that. I did mange to get a great shot of some of them. These were my favorite clowns.....

Aren't they the cutest clowns ever????
Our friend Bobby actually took this pic & also took this family shot for us. They girls had a really great time!!
Saturday night we had my sister Chet come babysit since we had a "Cabin Fever" party at the neighbor's. Sorta like a block party but mostly adults since it runs late. We had so much fun. It's good to be able to catch up & talk. Found out my next door neighbor scraps too so we'll be getting together soon for that! We stayed later than we normally would but since my sister slept over it was all good & we stayed till the end--2am. 2am was now actually 3am with the time change & boy did it hit us the next day!!

Sunday was a long day. Not only were we tired from the night before but it was a lot of waiting. My cousin was due to fly in from Italy at 3:30 but due to the storms we had the night before it got pushed to 5:30. We drove down to my mom's & my sister Marie (translater) & her hubby Danny (driver) along with Joe (who was the navigator) went off to the airport to get him & his son. I hung out at my mom's along with my sister Chet & all 6 grandkids. We helped my mom get things ready for dinner & kept the kids out of her hair. They finally got back around 7pm & it was nice to see him again. Found out that he doesn't live in Italy, he lives in France. Not just anywhere in France but right on the water on the French Riviera! He showed us pics of his view from his house & it's stunning!! Just breath taking! If I were him I've never want to leave it!! He's a lucky guy!! Might have to go visit his house someday!!!!

This is us after we ate my mom's never-ending meal---that woman cooks like she's feeding an army!! My cousin Ciro is sitting down next to my mom whose holding Marie's daughter Nikki. Next to them are my sister Rita's kids Destiny & Michael. I'm in a white top in the back, my sister Chet is holding Gianna on the left & my sister Marie is holding her son Tyler dressed in blue. Missing from the pic are the hubbies, my other sister Rita & the only grandchild missing was Marissa & my cousin's son Anthony. The kids were squirming & tired so we're lucky we managed this shot!!

This is Chet's dog Lorenzo. He's a tiny thing that thinks he's a big dog the way he barks at people! If we were better prepared we could've taken his pic next to a bottle of Tequila!!
Today I made up this cute card for my friend Diane's birthday. I was short on time so I lifted the card that Heather sent me with my box of goodies awhile ago. This turned out to be a much longer post than I intended! Sorry to bore everyone--I'll try to have some scrappiness posted tomorrow!


laura vegas said...

what a busy weekend you had! i can't remember the last time i stayed up until 3am (or even 2am) ... and i'm a total night owl. lol! love the family pictures. and you're right ... your little one looks suspicious in that first photo ... like she has a great plan in the works. lol!

Heather Marie said...

I thought I was busy this past weekend! lol Loved all the pics. Thanks for sharing and your card is adorable! :)

{Susan...Seriously.} said...

fun, fun, fun...the elephants were my fave, too, of course;0)