Thursday, March 13, 2008


Last night was a late night. Joe is in full crazy mode at work. With Spring technically around the corner he's got to set up locations. Easter is so early this year & that means he's got to move it into high gear since the shore people want the games delivered early. Nevermind all the regular daily stuff & tax season is here & he's short on help. Just plain crazy! Needless to say he's behind on things so after dinner he tucked the girls into bed & went back to work until midnight.

I took advantage of being alone & scrapped some more. I mixed it up a little with laundry too just to be wild & crazy like that. To top it off Gianna was up late thanks to the nap she took at school. That lunatic stayed up till 11:15!! Or at least that was the last time I went in to yell at her for still being awake & running amok in her room!! **SIGH**

Let me back track a little with Gianna. When I picked her up from school yesterday there was a "incident report" in her folder saying she scratched another kid without being provoked. Great....we've always said she'd be the kid expelled from pre-school & the youngest kid in reform school!! So her being up late like that was just the cherry on top to a wonderful day!(heavy on the sarcasm)

When Joe came back home the lunatic stays up late to work on his tax stuff for the accountant! Me, being the supportive wife, kept him company & finished up a layout & the last load of towels. Since I don't like sleeping without him I stayed up too--till 2am...then I gave up on him & went to bed! A girl needs her beauty sleep after all!

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laura vegas said...

can't wait to see what you've been working on! sorry to hear about the late night. i know i get super frustrated when my kids can't sleep at their normal time. lol! my nights are "me" time ... and i don't like anyone to bother me. lol!