Friday, March 14, 2008

Time Flies

I feel like March is practically over. I know it's not but as of tomorrow we'll be halfway through the month. Crazy.

Today I've been deep cleaning my house. I've let the upstairs slack for awhile so today I got to work. The real reason? My cousin Ciro will be over Sun for dinner with the rest of my family. I think it's an Italian thing but I'm sure he'll want a tour of the house so I need it to be clean. Besides it'll be done for Easter next weekend too!! Bonus!! And yes, I will be hosting Easter dinner. Joe loves it when we have people over because he knows the house will get super clean! LOL!

I started with my bedroom & had Gianna "helping" so it took awhile. By the time we were done she had enough of being upstairs & argued with me to go downstairs. Thanks kid. That's when my hero--Joe stepped in to rescue me. He offered to come pick her up for lunch at McDonald's & then take her to work. What a sweetheart!

Afterwards I did more laundry & didn't get to another room until after I took Marissa to gymnastics. I feel like most of my day was wasted. But I did get the master bathroom all clean & shiny. Now I've just got to finish the rest of upstairs so I can work on the downstairs tomorrow! ARRGHH!! Will it never end?? I hate cleaning!!

Next week I will hopefully have a little more time to myself but like I said I'm hosting Easter so we'll see. Besides I've got to start packing for Disney so I don't have to pull an "all-nighter" like I normally do before vacation. I'm determined to have the bags packed so I will have time to get a mani-pedi before our trip!!! So there goes the rest of my month! March will be over in the blink of an eye (for me anyways). I'm not complaining just can't believe how fast it's going!! It felt like Feb. couldn't be done soon enough & now look--March is halfway gone!

I know I've been talking about scrapping & honestly I have. I've just been trying to keep going while I can. I promise to take pics of my LO's & post in the next day or so. Honestly though I've just been lifting Laura's work so it's not original in the least. Like I told her, when I showed Joe my LO's he said it was "nice & that I was a good at copying"!! LOL!! I'm just more motivated by her work & how easy she makes life for me! I will try to be more original.....after Disney!!


{Susan...Seriously.} said...

i hate cleaning too! i need to do some more to catch up with the mess created while i was sick. and i promised myself that i'd pack early too, so i'm not packing at the last minute either. we're headed to fl, on thursday...just NOT that part of florida.

laura vegas said...

argh ... cleaning! such a waste of time since it just has to be done over and over and over. lol! everyone thinks my house is so clean. and while my house is tidy and totally picked up ... it's not clean. the dust, the bathrooms, the stovetop ... all so NOT clean. lol!

and sending you a big "thank you"! i love knowing that you love my stuff enough to have it inspire you! can't wait to see your takes on it!