Sunday, March 2, 2008

Still Like It!!

Since I was asked how my haircut came out I made a point to take my time with my hair today. Oh yeah & also because Joe wanted to take us out to eat!! Don't mind the Valentine decorations still up at my house--lets just say it's a house full of love-shall we?? The pic doesn't do the cut justice btw.
I asked Marissa to take my pic & Joe was surprised I didn't ask him. He did offer but usually he stinks at it. This time Marissa kept shaking the camera so the pic isn't the greatest --gonna have to fire her! LOL!

Because I never seem to learn from my mistakes, I asked Marissa to take a few more pics tonight after we got home from Outback & this wasn't too bad....but now you can see the urgent need I have to get to FL & get a TAN!!


Lesli said...

Looks like a great haircut! I really enjoyed looking at all your LO's - Beautiful work!

laura vegas said...

love the haircut sara! marissa did a great job! my daughters shake the camera all the time ... but it is a heavy one. lol! so i deal with the blur i get.

i'm the same way ... my face always looks so white! although it doesn't help that my daughters are dark! lol!

Rosalynn said...

Sara..your haircut looks awesome..I love it!!! :)

Heather Marie said...

Love your haircut. So stylish! :)

{Susan...Seriously.} said...

girl, the hair looks fab! m did a good job taking the pics. i have to get g to take my pics, because my dh is a pain!

glad that you are enjoying the twilight series!! they would have been perfect for your vaca to disney, if you could have waited, because they are a quick read...but for me, i couldn't wait to read the next one. the final comes out in august, i think. i'm in love with edward...and after book 3, that wrong?

sorry, i've been mia...we're SICK!!! had to whip out the "bucket" this weekend for k and g has been out of school 1 day EVERY week for the past 6 weeks...i hate february, too! and seriously, can i NOT catch a break with the sinuses??