Friday, March 28, 2008

Music Star

On Thursday night Marissa had her "1st Grade Music Concert". It was cute. Each 1st grade class sang & performed a song. Some of the kids even played instruments. Marissa got to play the "xylophone medium". Not just the "xylophone" but the "xylophone medium". Got that? I was corrected whenever I said the "xylophone".

Here she is before the show started. It's one of the few good pics I got. The lighting was terrible & all the other pics have her school friends which I'm not keen on sharing without their permission. Just imagine her in a sea of kids all wearing white tops & black pants.

Afterwards the kids were all pumped up after their performance & were bouncing off the walls--at 8 o'clock at night mind you. We managed to get a few shots of her with us & then we went home to watch the video--cause we're dorky like that!

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{Susan...Seriously.} said...

so cool! they have music programs here, but no instruments. =0(