Thursday, March 20, 2008

Spring has Sprung???? And Nostaglia.

Seriously, I am sick of this cold!! This is NOT the 1st day of Spring!! Who do they think they're fooling??? Not me. It's been super windy & rainy & just plain miserable here. I can not wait to get on that plane in 2 weeks for FL!!

Last night I went through Marissa's old 4T clothes for Gianna so I can pack them for our trip. It was like walking back through time! I can remember Marissa in those clothes like it was yesterday!! Where, oh where, did the time go???? The part that blew my mind is the last time Marissa wore those clothes Gianna was only 1 year old!! O-M-G!! Now she's almost 4!! Where did my baby go??

These pics are from a June 2005 Disney trip. The girls had matching outfits in both pics.

Now only Gianna will be wearing that outfit. The other matching outfit is too small.

Does that mean I'm in need of another baby in my life?? Whoa!! Hold the phone!! Where did that come from?? I must have been possessed by some crazy-assed hormones!! I am not. Repeat. NOT. Having any more kids (if I have my way)!! I think I need some sleep, Maybe an adult beverage then some sleep. Yeah that's it!! No wait that just might get me "in trouble". Guess I'll just skip the adult beverage & settle on hot cocoa.

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laura vegas said...

you're too funny sara! lol! just borrow a baby for a day ... then that feeling will go away. lol! i do it all the time with these daycare kids! get my fix ... and then send them on their way!