Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Here they are...FINALLY!

I know I've been teasing with promises of my layouts. So I made sure that I hopped right on the computer this morning after dropping Marissa off at school & torturing Gianna with eye drops for her pink eye. Fun.

I'm gonna tell you straight out that the following 4 12x12 LO's are lifts of Laura. I only changed a few things to make them "mine" but kept it close to hers because I really really like her style!!

This is the LO that inspired me to forget the Disney album that I started & create this! This is Laura's work that was on the MM blog. Hers is by far the better LO but I'm ok with mine.

After completing that I was motivated to use my Feb. kit from Scrapbook Bakery. Heather filled the box with so many pretties & man did I have FUN playing!! Everything on the pages (except the brads, bling & some extra cardstock) is from her kit--seriously!! She made it super easy to be creative!! Like I said before these are lifts of Laura's work as she was the guest designer for the kit. Do I sound like an ad??

You can see Laura's versions of those last 3 here.

Since I had so much stuff left over I was motivated to make these next 4 6x6 pages. These were my own with no help from Laura---see I can be creative too!! Though I admit while working on these I would often think "what would Laura do?" or "WWLD?"

These 4 6x6 pgs will go in this album that I made for Joe & I.

And finally the cover pages for our Disney trip last June. Me, being anal, make each daughter her own Disney album & try to keep them slightly different. However I have to admit that I lifted myself from the last Disney albums (which was a lift of someone too!). Here are the orginals-- Marissa's & Gianna's . This is Marissa's cover page for the new album...

This is Gianna's. It was her birthday trip so there will be more pages in her album.

I'm really behind on Disney trips but don't see a way out before this trip. It's not that far off now & doubled with Easter I realize how much stuff I have to do before we go away!! PANIC!!! breathing....ok slightly better.....I will get through this......now I'm off to do more laundry!!


laura vegas said...

first off ... love your lifts of my layouts!!! i'm so flattered that you find my stuff inspiring enough to use for your own photos! they all look great!

and love the 6x6 pages! i should do more of those just for fun! and i think it's great that you and joe have SOOOOO many photos together! me and my joe hardly have any. lol!

and kudos to you for doing disney albums for both of your girls! i used to do a few duplicate pages for my girls years and years ago ... but now i'm too lazy. lol! i figure some day when i'm old and grey ... they can fight over who gets what pages! lol!

Miss Essie said...

cute layouts my dear! I found you via your comment on our scrap-mart.com blog...and YES you simply must have...and do deserve a Revolution!!! And just wait until you see the April releases!! be still my heart!

keep up the great scrappin'...

Miss Essie

{Susan...Seriously.} said...

fab stuff...i'm sending you my disney pics so you can do one for G and K...while you're at it you can go ahead and prepare one for baby A for our next trip...;0)

have a hOppy easter...we're headed to the gulf coast!! YIPPEEEEEEEEEEEEE!

Rosalynn said...

Hello..The layouts look awesome!! There beautiful. Love the disney one's also. Brings me back when my husband and I went on our honeymoon!! :)

Heather Marie said...

Love your layouts! Isn't Laura so inspiring!? Also love the Disney Layouts. You gave me lots of ideas. Thanks for the share!