Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Last day of Summer

Today is the day before Marissa goes back to school. We've got nothing fun planned (well maybe), & have a bunch of errands to run. When we get back from those errands I've got some cooking to get done and let's not forget the never-ending pile of laundry!!

I'm both looking forward to school starting & wanting the summer to never end. Not looking forward to the homework battles or the running back & forth to extracurricular activities. I am looking forward to a few hours to myself, namely being able to get my hair cut. Joe asked me which I'd rather have & I couldn't give him an answer.
I'm not good at making decisions! I'm a middle child!

I'll be back later to share some Disney stories & pics.....if the laundry doesn't overtake me!


{Susan...Seriously.} said...


i.also.hate.school. ;0)

can't wait to hear the disney tales!!

laura vegas said...

it's a tough choice, right? i love that they kids are back in school ... and that we're back to a routine ... and that i have a little more quiet time during the day. but i also hate that we seem to be so much busier now ... homework, extra activities, soccer. life is too crazy sometimes!