Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Haircut = HAPPINESS!!

Got my Haircut today.....only after 5 months!!! I reallllly needed one!! I thought about getting it cut over the summer but then reality would slap me in the face.....reality meaning the girls would more than likely not sit quietly through it. So I waited until school started & they were all situated back in.

I took this by myself & it's not the best pic but you can see the cut & I LOVE it!! She took 2 inches off the length & it feels healthy again! Can you say "HAPPY"??

I tried getting Marissa to take my pic but this was the best she took & it doesn't really show my haircut. Whatever! Trust me I like the cut & my next appt is towards the end of Oct. Yeah!!


laura vegas said...

LOVE the new haircut! it looks gorgeous! i wish i had nice, straight hair ... when i do my hair straight, it just looks funky. lol!

{Susan...Seriously.} said...

beautiful girl!! now you need a hot little dress to go with it...and a dinner date with joe, complete with flowers and chocolate!!;0)