Monday, September 29, 2008

The Weekend....

This weekend just flew! On Sat. I had my cousin's wife's baby shower. They're expecting a little boy in November. She wasn't surprised much since they live in FL & this was their last trip to NJ before she delivers. It was still fun hanging out & seeing all the cute baby things!! That's her in black in the middle--she looks FANTASTIC for having a little over a month left!!

That night Joe wanted to check out some tech-y stuff that he wants to get so me & the girls went with him. We didn't buy anything ('cept for Marissa - 102 Dalmations on DVD) & then we went out to eat at Hooters.

Later on at home after the girls went to bed Joe & I stayed up & watched Sex & the City.

I loved it! I also love that he'll watch chick flicks with me! He also rented "Made of Honor" but we haven't made it that far!

Sunday was a rainy dreary day but it started out with Joe letting me sleep late & then he surprises me with a Dunkin Donuts coffee AND breakfast!! It was our "Engagement Anniversary". Gotta LOVE HIM!!

The rest of the day we relaxed ('cept for the 5 loads of wash I did, oh & the pot of Lentils I made for the girls' lunch this week, ahem). And of course after putting the girls to bed we watched...

It was the perfect premiere!! Totally a "housewives" episode (sorry don't want to ruin it for those of you who haven't watched it yet).

Then we watched.....

Another great show!! If I had to choose I'd say Housewives was better than B & S but both were good! So glad to have all my shows back!!


laura vegas said...

you're killing me! i havn't watched sex the city yet ... or desperate housewives ... or brothers and sisters ... or even grey's anatomy. my DVR is piled up! but i HAVE watched made of honor!!!

{Susan...Seriously.} said...

i loved loved loved both of those 1st episodes. i am not a big fan of the whole 5 year thing, waiting to see if that will last all season. definitely 2 of my top 5!

and can you believe i bought satc the day after it came out, made a trip to town (25 miles nonetheless) to get the dang movie and haven't watched it yet!! i'm dying to see it though.

how was made of honor? it's on my list to see.