Wednesday, September 3, 2008

1st day of School

Today Marissa went back to school to start 2nd grade. Wasn't she just in pre-school?? Seriously, she's getting so big so fast!

Marissa got up early, got dressed & made her bed all without any problems. Joe made her breakfast & she was done in no time. Before Joe left for work we took a few pics to commemorate the day.
After Joe leaves for work I notice Marissa's wearing these old beat up flip flops & I told her to change them but she wouldn't budge. I tell her how it's the 1st day of school & she should wear "new" shoes, etc. She then tells me that the dress she was wearing wasn't new (well it wasn't exactly), so I told her that's what she picked out last night (after finding out the actual new dress she planned on needed leggings which she didn't have). She said she had picked out a different dress & the red dress was for the second day of school. I asked her why she didn't tell me that before she got dressed but of course there was no answer. So we run upstairs to find the "first day dress" (luckily I washed all her clothes last night) & make a quick outfit change.

This is her official first day of school pic....

We'll just have to re-shoot the ones with me & Joe this afternoon. Got a cute one of her with Gianna, so that's a plus! Let's just hope I can get some cute ones like this on Gianna's 1st day!!
Luckily we were still on time so we left early to get some more pics at the school. We drove over to the school where we have to park nearby & walk the rest of the way in.

This next pic is taken by Gianna who wanted in on the action. It looks like Marissa was the only person at the school but she wasn't, she was the second person in her class line.

After school we took more pics this time of her with her friends. Here's the group we normally hang with.

Here's Marissa with her BFF Ariel.

After we got home I asked her what she liked best about the 1st day & she said the games they played. After looking through the mound of paperwork that's MY homework I figured out what she meant by "games" & it was more of a scavenger hunt meant to orient them with the classroom & stuff.

Oh and that red outfit meant to be the "2nd-day-of-school-outfit"? It's out because the school declared it "Green Day" for their new "Going Green" motto & everyone has to wear green. Lovely. The retakes I wanted to shoot of her & Joe & her & I never happened, either. Joe came to the school with me to pick her up but by the time we got home Joe had to run back to work, & Marissa had to get ready for her 1st day back to gymnastics. I didn't remember until we were running out the door! Dammit!!

Don't worry about Gianna. She's got stuff too. She starts gymnastics on Mon & is very excited about it! She starts school on Tues, but she's not that crazy about that. I grouped the girls' activities all together this year so my crazy days will be Mon-Wed. Let's see how that works.

On another note, while Marissa was at gymnastics, I made a Target run. I needed a few things & hey it's been awhile since I'd been there, I needed my fix!! Of course I had to browse the scrapbook aisle & they had the MM Fa la la page kits but only the invitation kits for the Spellbound line. However I did find the MM Whimsy & Autumn Spice page kits, can I just say C-U-T-E!!!! (Sorry no link--can't find it on either MM or Target's website)

With that said, I am finally done sorting throuh my pics from Disney. From the original 988 pics I came home with I whittled it down to 687!! I feel better about that number somehow, although it's still a staggering amount to scrap.

Not that I've done any of that recently, I'm just sayin'!


{Susan...Seriously.} said...

wow!! love the pics...the girls look like they've grown up since the last pics you posted...

haven't checked t's scrap aisle in a long time...i'm always in a hurry or have a screaming child!

and seriously are you going to scrap all 687 pics?? have fun with THAT;0)

laura vegas said...

super cute photos of your big second grader! and don't you hate how the parents have all the homework the first day? lol! i hate paperwork! and a total random fact for you ... at our school, you can't wear more than 1 red item of clothing or 1 blue item of clothing at the same time. so you can't wear a red dress and red shoes. something to do with gangs ... how sad is that?!?!

can't wait to see what you do with your new scrapbook stuff! that whimsy kit is cute, right .. i have a layout i did with it somewhere!