Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Feeling the LOVE!

I was thrilled to see that my girl Susan "hearts" me!! I can't remember how we first got in touch with each other but it was either through 2P's or the blogging world. Susan do you remember??

She's a seriously cool mom of 3 kids. We started talking around the time she was having #3. We seem to have a lot in common; our kids are about the same age (only I've got 2 & she's got 3), scrapping, blogging, "Grey's Anatomy", & TWILIGHT! Seriously Susan, THANKS for being there & letting me know someone's listening!

Here's what I had to do and what YOU have to do if I selected you:

1. Pick 7 of your favorite blogs
2. Winners can put the logo on their blog.
3. Link the person who gave your award to your blog.
4. Name the 7 that you are giving the award to with their links.
5. Leave a message on their blogs so that they know they've won!

Laura Vegas - She is AWESOME!! A scrapper extraordinaire who inspires me constantly with her work & always puts me in a scrapping mood! AND she manages to create while juggling her family AND a Daycare from her house! She is my IDOL & she totally ROCKS!! We began emailing each other after I found her blog & I now consider her a friend. Love her!

Mary Macaskill - Another FANTASTIC scrapper whose work I admire. I've never met her but I visit her blog daily & she never fails to deliver beautiful work with the most amazing details.

Tamera - This girls knows DISNEY! If you know anything about me it's that I am a Disney FANATIC. I only recently found her blog through 2P's (yep another scrapper), but if you ever need a dose of Disney (other than when you come here) go check her out!

Amy - I think hers was the 1st blog I ever read! I could probably give her credit for a number of things oh, like starting this blog, making my 1st card, & reading Twilight! She's incredibly talented & crafty. Only thing is I've never met her!!

Stephanie Howell - She's got 2 adorable little girls that she scraps everyday! I admire her ability to juggle it all while her husband serves our country. Yes another talented scrapper, that I've never met.

Heather - She operates this FANTABULOUS Scrapbook store called the Scrapbook Bakery. Sounds fun right? She ships your order in a yummy pink bakery box!! Makes you wish there was a little sweet treat in there but she packs it with all sorts of fun stuff to play with & it's non fattening!!!

Denine - She's a CK Hall of Fame 2008 winner! I've always admired her work while reading my scrapbook magazines & was happy to have found her blog. She's very talented & truly worthy of the HOF title--go take a peek at her work!

No one I know in "real life" blogs!! LOL!!

Did anyone notice a theme going on with the people I tagged?? If you can come up with the correct answer leave me a comment & if you guess right I'll send you out a little something!


{Susan...Seriously.} said...

i think the theme was the same one that i had going on...though, i don't know that i mentioned it for all of mine;0)

i wanna say that we found each other's blog through amy's (snickerdoodle)...she's tom's cousin.

love ya, girl!!

Heather Ruwe said...

thanks for the sweet words. That was so kind of you. :)

Amy said...

I absolutely love you!!! Thank you so much for that. It makes me laugh that mine was the first one that you read AND you still started your own. You are a peach!

Tamera said...

Sara - Thanks for adding me to your tagged list! I am so honored!

I am too new to the blogging sphere to actually know 7 people whose blogs I read. Do you think Tim Holtz would do this? (hehe!)

I'm going to have to put some thought into this!