Monday, September 8, 2008

1st Day of Disney

My last post about our trip might have left you with the impression that we had a bad trip. I just want to say we didn't. We had a GREAT trip (as always), it was just the flight that wasn't a wonderful memory.

The morning came fast, considering we didn't get a lot of sleep the night before. We weren't going to sleep the day away & needed to eat so we got up & went to breakfast at our favorite breakfast buffet, 1900 Park Fare. We eat here a few times during each of our stays, that's how good the food is. It might even explain why I gained 3 lbs!!

Here are the girls looking rested & raring to go with the characters.

They pose so pretty with Mary Poppins. Don't they look sweet & innocent? Don't let 'em fool you!!!

After breakfast we head over to the Magic Kingdom--which is our favorite park! It rained off & on most of the day but with our trusty ponchos we still had fun. The girls wanted to go over to Toontown Fair & go through the houses so we go over to visit the Big Cheese 1st. Here we are in his garage.

Afterwards we go over to Minnie's house & seriously the rain actually helped us because the place was practically empty! Looking back now I wish I thougt to have the girls take the ponchos off 1st but oh well...
From there the girls were in the mood for a race so Joe took them on the Indy Speedway. I was feeling queasy again from little sleep so I sat it out since I don't think I could've taken the girls & their crazy driving!!From there we went & took an easy relaxing ride on the TTA. There's hardly ever a line since it's continous & on a hot day you can cool off a little in the breeze. I think it started raining so we jumped on this to wait it out. Since the camera hardly leaves my hands when we're at WDW I took this when our car went through Space Mountain...which might explain why Gianna's eyes are bugging out!By now it was lunchtime. Another tradition of ours is to go to Tony's TownSquare for lunch or dinner on the 1st & last day. Oh & did I ever mention that's where Joe proposed to me?? Well he did. He knows how much I LOVE Lady & the Tramp which the restaurant is themed after so he made arrangements to pop the question there. So romantic!!

After lunch Marissa spotted a character meet & greet so we wandered over to see Tigger & Pooh & Darby from "My friends Tigger & Pooh". We've never seen her at the parks before so the girls were excited to meet her. Marissa was especially proud of herself for spotting them.

Later on we went through Adventureland & took a ride on The Magic Carpets of Aladdin. Just like Dumbo only with carpets. We took pics but they didn't come out good, just use your imagination....

Walking through liberty square I realized the girls had never been on the Riverboat & since it was still boarding we took a relaxing ride. Gianna was all over Joe this trip...maybe because he was willing to still carry her around....

Love this pic of Marissa!
When we docked we headed over to Pirates of the Caribbean
to see my "significant other" Capt. Jack.Another ride we did was "it's a small world". For some reason I always take pics during the ride but hardly scrap them. Go figure. One of the last things we did was go on the Carousel.

Afterwards it was dinner at Tony's again (did I mention how much we love that place & that the food is good??). From there we called it a day & went back to the room to crash for the night. Considering how little sleep we had & Gianna had no stroller just Joe carrying her, I think we did really good! I'm actually surprised we made it that long of a day but the main thing we had fun.


{Susan...Seriously.} said...

hey, can't wait to read your latest posts, but that will have to wait! just wanted you to know that i CHOSE you!!! check my blog, girl!

{Susan...Seriously.} said...

now it makes sense...i didn't realize that joe had taken you there and proposed...very, very romantic!!

looking much better than your flight. ;0)