Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Back to School...2nd edition

Today was Gianna's 1st day back to preschool. She picked out her outfit & shoes the night before & was all excited about going back.

After sitting pretty for that 1st pic, I got a bunch of cheesy smiles.....
This would've been great had it not been blurry. Marissa took this one for me....We took this one tonight after dinner since Joe left early for work.
When we got to school, she was all excited to see her friends again. We met up with one of her teachers from last year at the door who was happy to see her, but Gianna started playing her "I'm shy, but not really, I'm just playing with you" game of covering her face with her hands & hiding behind me.

I take her to her class & introduce her to her new teacher. We find her cubby & I show her the bathroom. Then I give her a hug & kiss & she takes off without a second glance! No tears! This was nothing like last year at all her 1st day was fine but her 2nd & 3rd were brutal!!! Let's hope that it doesn't hit her tomorrow & it all goes well.

I ran some errands afterwards & it was so nice to run in & out of stores in the amount of time it should take instead of the extra 15 mins or so it takes with the girls. At home it was blissfully quiet.

**do you hear the crickets??**

When I picked her up I met her other teacher & talked to her a bit, both teachers seem nice. I think she had fun seeing all her friends again & won't have any dramatic moments.

Keep your fingers crossed!


laura vegas said...

she looks adorable! that dress is so cute ... love polka dots! glad she did good at school ... and keeping my fingers crossed for you that she does great tomorrow!

{Susan...Seriously.} said...

what a big girl!! love the pics!! and what a pretty dress...i love the polka dots!!

{i tagged you, sortof...on my blog...if i didn't already tell you that.}