Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Happy Birthday Lala!!

Today is my neice, Nicolette's 7th birthday. She's just 5 months younger than Marissa & they have been best friends since birth.

Here they are when Nikki was almost 1 month old. Let's call this "Sisters with Cousins".
Here they are at Marissa's Baptism & Marissa was "holding" Nikki on her lap.Here's Nikki just chillin' on her daddy's lap.
Here's Joe & I holding Nikki at her Baptism...we are her Godparents & we're lucky to have another "daughter".
Same day after the party being held by Nikki's daddy Danny.
Here's the little Diva at 2. Sometime around this age is when Marissa "christened" Nikki with the name "Lala". To this day we don't know why but it's stuck & she still answers to it!3 year old BFF's both in purple, both enjoying an icy treat....in FEBRUARY!!!Here she is this past June. Such a little poser!!
Almost 7, this is from her joint birthday party earlier this month with her brother Tyler. HAPPY 7th BIRTHDAY NIKKI!!
We love you!!

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Liz said...

Happy birthday to her! She's a cutie.