Sunday, August 3, 2008

Weekend Update

Breaking Dawn Update: Yesterday I got an email saying my book is packed & ready to leave the warehouse.

Ready to leave?? Shouldn't it be in transit??

Just checked the shipping info & it STILL had the same status!! I wish I had followed my instinct & just cancelled the damn order!! I've been by Borders or BJ's at least 3 times this weekend & could've picked it up by now! DAMN you B&N!!


Yesterday we went to my sister Marie's house. My girlfriend Carolee was there with her niece Madison. After we ate a late lunch, the sun decided to grace us with it's presence. The kids were itching to get in the pool, despite it not being that hot out.

Gianna taking aim at her next victim. She's concentrating very hard, see her tongue hanging out?? That helps her concentrate.

Here's Marissa right before she started shivering from how cold she was...but had to do a few more underwater flips--because she can.

This is niece Nikki, she was all over the pool. She's part fish.

This little dude is my nephew Tyler. He's never gonna be hard up for a date when he grows up. Just look at those muscles.

This is Madison. She was staying with Carolee for the weekend. The kids all idolized her since she was the oldest kid there.

This is where there should be a pic of me, Carolee, & Marie but there isn't. We were busy chatting to think of something like that. So instead I will show you this tasty treat we had for dessert.

I brought my famous chocolate chip cookies for dessert & we stuffed 'em with ice cream. YUMMMMY!


Today Joe had to work, so the girls & I basically didn't do much of anything. I sorted & reorganized my loose ribbons. Don't ask but it just wasn't working for me the way I had it. I should've been doing more Disney LO's but my computer was acting funny & I needed to print a few pics for this one LO, so I didn't bother.

This week I'll be packing for our trip to Great Wolf Lodge. If anyone has any tips for us I'd love to hear them. I like knowing what to expect when we go somewhere new.


{Susan...Seriously.} said...

yummy dessert...fab pics...and have fun on your trip.

amazon let me down, too. i SUPPOSEDLY should have mine today. i just finished book 3 (again), so i timed it perfect, i guess..

Rosalynn said...

HI..that sucks about your book..especially when your so excited to get it!! I'm definitly going to try these

the pictures are really cute and the cookies look so yummy!!!!

Have a great day!!!