Monday, August 4, 2008

Am I getting Punk'd?

So today I'm working on some LO's that I've only got to title & they're done. I planned on using the Cricut & the new Mickey font I got last week at M's on sale. My dilema? The blade isn't cutting all the way through. Is it me or did the blade not last very long? I don't use it for every LO & I've had it since March. What am I missing?

My biggest frusteration today? Everytime I checked the status of my book, it said it was ready to be shipped. I just checked it again & it said it's been shipped & I should have it on time with a delivery date scheduled for Aug. 7th! WTF!! It's coming from Edison which is about 45 mins away. I could DRIVE there to pick it up faster than how they're shipping it! I'm leaving for Great Wolf Lodge on Fri & if I don't have that book I'm gonna be all sorts of pissed off!! Never again will I pre-order a book from B&N!!!

So besides that non sense I'm in laundry mode so I have clothes to pack for our trip. I should have spent some time today cleaning the house somewhat but I didn't. I'm the type that leaves it all until the last minute & then fly around getting everything done on time. Call me crazy I know it.


Leah said...

I think you can adjust the blade depending on the thickness of your paper. Could that be it?
Hope your book comes soon!

{Susan...Seriously.} said...

as you know i haven't had my cricut long...but make sure it's tightened in all the way...mine didn't do well until i figured that out...other than that...i have NO clue...

sorry about your book! tabb finished her's on saturday...i'm NOT going to talk to her until i finish mine.

i got mine yesterday-disappointed in that, but it worked out since i didn't get to finish book 3 (again, until right before). i'm so glad that i re-read them, because i forgot a lot of the details...i've sadly only read about 100 pages.

we'll chat after...enjoy grey wolf...fingers crossed you'll get it before you leave!!