Saturday, August 2, 2008

It's a SIGN!

So I tracked my book just now & as fate would have it, the website says it's not shipped! It says it's expected to ship Aug. 2. Excuse me, but isn't that TODAY!?!?!?!?

Yesterday just as I shut down my computer to go to my mom's house, I get up to see someone at my door. I realize it's the mailman AND he's got a BOX in his hands!! I had to fight the urge to rip open the door & grab the box from his hands!! As soon as he left though I was there, I look at the box & realize it's just my order from 2P's. NOT the HAPPY mail I was hoping for!!

However we had a good time at my mom's house. We went through some old photo albums & I scored some pics of me as a kid. Gianna looks just like me! I also got some crazy pics from high school. Can you say BIG HAIR?? I plan on scanning them & will post them soon. It's always good to mock yourself & I'll share the fun.

It's also POURING rain right now. Storming actually with thunder & lightening---maybe I should shut my computer down.....And you know what? We were supposed to go swimming by my sister's house.

On a better note....My sister Marie & I went to the movies last night (everyone else backed out!!) to see Mamma Mia. It was so GOOD!
I told Joe I want the movie when it comes out to DVD AND I want the soundtrack. Do ya think he got the hint for Christmas?? I never realized I liked ABBA that much! But I know I like Pierce Brosnan! When I get the DVD I'll be watching him with the mute on--he can't sing but he makes up for it in other ways!!

"MAMMA MIA hear I go again! My my how can I resist you?"

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{Susan...Seriously.} said...

just popping to see if you got yours yet...bummer. i'm still into book 3, so i hope by the time mine gets here monday, i'll be done.

tabb called me this morning and was almost done with the new one. UGH!! jealous a little, but i must finish 3 first...gotta go while everyone is in the basement...